The Way Back
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The Way Back (2020)

The Way Back

2020/3/5 108 min.


In this film, an agency tries to classify all of the visions it receives as a result of the Keters machine. They are all sent to them for processing, but after spending some time investigating, they discover a connection between these visions and a family who have recently moved into a residential area and are suddenly being stalked by something unseen.

The show was also featured in a movie titled The Keter Machine: Season One. A lot of fans of the show have expressed the desire to see a movie version of the TV show, and now there is hope.

The Way Back has been widely recognized for its portrayal of a trans-dimensional reality, where different dimensions, including dreams, all get mixed up with our own and we can learn some truths about our own realities when we see how they fit into another's realm. It also explores the relation between dream space and our other dimensional selves. This is made possible by such elements as dream circles and by isolating two instances that are then passed on to another dimension, until they reach a final dream circle that is meant to represent a unified reality.

The movie picks up where the first TV series left off. The original Keter machine was a machine which helped humans enter into the spirit world, as the final customer was already dead when the machine arrived. As a result, this customer never got his dream, and since he was a client of a customer in the movie, the Keter Machine took the ghost back to earth with him.

The Way Back starts by having everyone go to their visions, but the illusion is revealed to be a dream. There were no dreams in the first series of The Keter Machine, but when this new customer arrives, a terrible thing happens. The dream shows us what has happened, but the ghost seems to know that something sinister is about to happen, so he stays with the machine for a few moments, giving the viewer a sense of the movie's tone.

The dream cycle is fast-paced, and the camera's POV is so fast that we don't have time to look around, much less back to catch a glimpse of what is going on in the dreamscape. The way forward is through a portal, and each time the machine enters the dreamscape, it sends the ghosts back to earth. This way, the more people who are involved in the visions the machine processes, the faster the journey to the realization of the dream.

The Dream Cycle, as the movie is called, is fascinating, interesting, and sometimes downright disturbing. At times, the idea of human consciousnesses manifesting in an alternate reality that has the quality of a dream makes for quite a good story. But then, the dreams of the Keter Machine's customers seem to be connected to these dreams, sometimes it seems as if this machine is actually creating the dream, and that is very unsettling.

The movie is told from the characters' points of view, and they tell their story as they experience the visions. This is usually their main concern, and often, the main goal of the character in the movie is to make the dream come true. We also get a fair amount of information about the different dimensions, as well as the links between them.

Original title The Way Back
TMDb Rating 6.5 75 votes

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