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The Rhythm Section (2020)

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Witness the birth of an assassin 2020/1/31 109 min.


If you are a fan of the French movies, then you will definitely like The Rhythm Section. It is directed by Pierre Tourneur and starring Anna Karina, Margot Kidder, Louis Garneau, Trudie Styler, David Ruffin, Ray Stevenson, and Vincent Price. The movie tells the story of a group of musicians who are called to perform in a production of the French opera The Sleeping Beauty.

The story starts when, while performing in Paris, a singing girl opens the mouth of a giant lion to sing some French songs. The other musicians are surprised that she did not scream or cry out in pain and that the lion had no trouble hearing her. This is not what the audience thinks when the story is told and published in newspapers. The national director of Opera Tours (an organization created by the French government) assigns them to find out the truth.

Gilles Yronwode directs the story of the musical number and plays the main role of the singer. He is also the director of the story and character creation for the film. Arnaud Renier, an actor who played the part of the main character at the time, plays the parts of the other three characters.

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The movie has all the great characters that we have come to love from the television series of the same name. Although you may be somewhat familiar with the rest of the cast, you will find out how familiar you really are. It is not that hard to distinguish the actors and actresses' voices from each other.

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