The Hunt
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The Hunt (2020)

The Hunt

The ultimate human hunting experience 2020/3/11 90 min.


One of the greatest and one of the most popular serie of the thirties, The Hunt for Red October was the first feature film to be filmed in color. As well as being one of the best known movies of the fifties it is also noted for a number of characters and memorable scenes which were well acted and shot in the series of films.

The story is based on the life of an American naval commander during the second world war, Joe McCarthy. The movie was directed by John Ford and stars Gary Cooper, Judith Anderson, John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich, Jack Palance, and Oscar Levant. Along with the movie, a series of books about the Red October story were written, and a biographical stage play was staged in 1976. The Hunt for Red October is the first novel based on the film.

The Hunt for Red October movie tells the story of Captain James Hunt (Gary Cooper), who is a devoted father and husband, but who finds himself suddenly called to duty. His command ship is the USS Hunt. He is assigned to the destroyer USS Inman, and soon he finds that this time he has to face the worst enemy that he has ever faced.

As the story opens in July of 1946, Red October and his crew are called to help with the evacuation of troops from England. The enemy is closing in on London and Red October is not sure that they can hold out. Red October, a character, was inspired by Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

When he and his crew are unable to stop the bombing of London, Red October's daughter is taken hostage. As she is rescued, Red October realizes that he is in danger as well and he has to save her, and the girl's mother, as well as Captain John Childs and his staff.

This movie, after many attempts, will be the last. After shooting completed, the movie was finished and sent to the studio. As the final production was almost finished, the budget was cut drastically. In fact, it was cut by as much as half and in the process, the movie was even worse than it had been originally.

Even though a much smaller budget was used, the movie still managed to look similar to what the producers wanted. The Hunt for Red October may well have been a blockbuster, but it was an awful movie.

The Hunt for Red October was also plagued by its poor ending. Although the ending was planned long before filming began, the film was finally completed with the same ending, which had originally been planned. After the movie ended, several bad reviews were written, and the movie was completely lost in the turbulent time of World War II.

Original title The Hunt
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