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The Grudge (2020)

The Grudge



The Grudge is well-liked movies that started as a TV show but gained many fans over the years. This highly-touted movie chronicles the life of Gene Autry, a man who has a fear of many things, including snakes. This severe condition is seen through the eyes of his oldest daughter Maggie. When she is kidnapped, she takes her daughter, Martha, with her.

When they return to the US, the two of them get separated and get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Being desperate for help, Maggie looks for any sign of civilization. When she finds the lost car of her kidnapped sister, she discovers something completely out of the ordinary: some kind of gang, the Grudge.

They're lead by a guy named Sam Bowden, a gang leader from a town known as The Family Fight. Together, with Maggie and Martha, Sam fights for justice and becomes a friend of the girls. It was a nice twist to the origin story of The Grudge, which explains its slow emergence into the horror genre.

Once the girl, Martha, who was taken away by the Grudge is recovered, the story starts to change a bit. The family is now trying to get their parents back, but this is not easy as all of them have been taken by The Family Fight. Through Maggie's recollection of events, we find out that this isn't the first time her parents were kidnapped by this gang.

What sets this series apart from the others is that in each episode, there is a killer and the victim tries to figure out who the killer is and get revenge. The show also has themes like rape, incest, etc. that makes it unique in horror television.

The way the series is set up is very unique, in that the writers use gag humor and comedy to keep viewers amused. In each episode, a different kind of character is introduced and a completely different experience is achieved. The TV show works on the premise that everything is in front of your eyes, yet you're not fully aware of what's happening.

The show also has some extremely well-written gag fights, which are very exciting and offer some great scenes for laughs. Although the TV show doesn't seem like a true horror, it has all the characteristics of a good one, though not the ones you would expect.

The Grudge is an amusing movie, which keeps you entertained while also letting you know that what it is depicting isn't a good thing to happen. The genre allows for some freedom for the creators to deliver some wicked and hilarious stuff, which only comes with great writing. Don't miss the film, if you want a good laugh.

Original title The Grudge
TMDb Rating 5.6 330 votes

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