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Criminal. Class. 2020/1/1 113 min.


No Review Yet. Some time after the events of "The Gentlemen" was filmed, the entire series was split up and sold off as a whole. Today, the series is available in DVD format in about a dozen countries and has been translated into several languages. This movie is still marketed for home video release in Europe.

In France, the film was released to great acclaim and a positive response from the film-makers. The makers of The Gentlemen were so impressed with the reaction that they expanded their distribution into four continents. The Gentlemen opened well in France and Spain but did not do well in other European countries. It made its way to a small Latin American territory. Despite a modest release in South America, the film did not do very well.

The Gentlemen was so good at first that the French did not even bother selling the rest of the series in Europe. Instead, they sold the Serie in French-speaking Africa and the Middle East. Because the French were more interested in marketing the DVD's than selling it in Europe, a great deal of the proceeds from the sale of the Series other parts was redirected towards the DVD sale.

There is no film more related to The Gentlemen than The Gentlemen's greatest supporting character. That would be Alain Delon. In the United States, he has gained a new fan base thanks to the new season of Californication. California follows the ridiculous shenanigans of Alain and his equally absurd family of roommates.

As an interesting note, the French version of The Gentlemen was released just a few weeks before the American version was released. A number of scenes were removed from the French version, because they were deemed un-French. These scenes included a cameo by former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson. That was the last time a foreign film influenced the release of a new American film. Since then, films were released in America based solely on their American release date.

A new Australian film, National Treasure, was filmed with only a few of the scenes from The Gentlemen in place. The Australian film has been released in only Australia, but some of the same scenes have been released in America and New Zealand. The Australian film also received some positive publicity for it's appearance in the Australian film, Roseanne.

In the end, it doesn't matter what territory the film is made in. It is always worth it to see the film in its native country. A secondary benefit is that foreign versions of such films sometimes come with French subtitles.

Many movie theaters offer a theater package that includes the online viewing of the film in their theater. The Gentlemen has performed well in some of these theaters. There are no guarantees that the movie will perform as well in other theaters. You may like or dislike the film, but you will always be able to watch it in your own home.

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