The Call of the Wild
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The Call of the Wild (2020)

The Call of the Wild

Based on the legendary novel 2020/2/19 100 min.


The Call of the Wild is a movie of World War II in which the French commandos are fighting the Germans. The movie features a certain crew of French troops. It is about the war between France and Germany and what happens when the two empires clash.

It all began in 1939, when France began its "1930's" war against Germany. By this time, France had been at war with Germany for most of the decade. In fact, France was the only country in Europe that wasn't at war during the same time period as Germany. It all came to a head in 1940, when France sent the Grand Fleet and its nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in a battle against the German Empire.

France initially had the advantage. However, when the German fleet became trapped in the Channel, it ran out of steam and was eventually beaten. In the end, the French were forced to surrender. The French however, did not give up. Instead, they moved into neutral Switzerland and used the nearby mountains to launch surprise attacks.

This changed the course of the war. Germany had to fight on two fronts and because of the strategic locations, Germany and its allies were unable to concentrate all their forces. Thus, the Battle of Britain began. During this battle, Britain emerged victorious and the government became more flexible. At the same time, the German military, after years of living under an oppressive Nazi regime, was a bit more open.

France meanwhile, while becoming more open to its people, was becoming increasingly nervous. The German command had learned how to use biological warfare agents and was coming out with more deadly weapons. The French government was debating what to do. It looked as if France would lose the war and be conquered by Germany. To put an end to this looming disaster, France turned to Admiral Bernard Montgomery, the commander of the British Grand Fleet.

At first, Montgomery thought of ignoring the calls from his admirals and told them that he was coming to visit his daughter at her parents' house. When his daughter refused to meet him, Montgomery decided to move in and see her. During this visit, Montgomery discovered that his daughter had been cheating on him. He also discovered that the German command had been using biological weapons against the British. Thus, he brought back his fleet to London.

During the battle of Britain, one of the most significant events was the surrender of the French. The French were indeed a force to be reckoned with and during the battle, they killed some 400 German soldiers. The battle ended as soon as the last one of the German soldiers surrendered. All in all, the Battle of Britain is considered to be one of the greatest naval battles in history.

It is therefore no wonder that The Call of the Wild Movie has become such a hit among both the film watchers and the movie fans. It is an exciting story and it is a historical event that will definitely leave an impact on movie lovers. There are many other Hollywood movies which have enjoyed huge success but The Call of the Wild is certainly one of the best. Movie buffs who have never watched a Hollywood movie before would surely enjoy watching The Call of the Wild Movie and look forward to the next movie.

Original title The Call of the Wild
TMDb Rating 6.7 342 votes

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