The Banker
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The Banker (2020)

The Banker

Don’t pay the man. Be the man. 2020/3/6 120 min.


In the Hollywood classic, Casino Royale, James Bond's nemesis The Banker (George Lazenby) is portrayed by actor Roger Moore. In Casino Royale, The Banker (in a casino scene) was described as "The most determined man in the world, always vigilant, always well-placed to make a fortune." The Banker is known for his shrewdness and subtlety and acts as a villain on several occasions throughout the movie. Here is a look at the character:

Mr. X- The Banker first appears when the Special Branch of MI6 captures and interrogates Bond at his London flat. He tells Bond that he knows about the mission and has been seeking revenge since the assassination of his daughter, who he blames for the death of her husband in an explosion.

Harms Way- The Banker is present in the recreation of the Battle of the Somme in films (The World Is Not Enough). While there, he waits outside a train depot for he and M (Patricia Arquette) to arrive so that he can carry out his plan to acquire secret information. Eventually, they do. His actions cost the lives of soldiers and civilians on both sides.

What Lies Beneath- After escaping from MI6, Bond finds himself walking into a bomb site. Harms Way again shows up after Bond leaves and is killed by two policemen who had also been following him. The scene in the bomb site is a touch unfortunate due to its ridiculous plot point, but it is nonetheless important to note that the Banker was seen again later in the movie.

Rail Graft- Bond is poisoned and placed in a box, which is then left by the rail line and eventually takes him to South America. The Banker carries him off on his boat and has him brought back to London. On the way to England, he poisons a politician (played by Geoffrey Rush) and even plans to assassinate. White.

Casino Royale- When Bond escapes his confinement in Cuba and heads to Morocco, he arrives in London and begins to spy on The Banker. He eventually succeeds in getting the necessary information, but The Banker's operation goes terribly wrong and he ends up drowning in a mysterious body of water. This is his final appearance.

M- Casino Royale ends with M (Liam Neeson) posing as a lawyer to gain access to The Banker's money and bribe a British politician. By having him as his ally, she gains access to his money and uses it to pay her mafia bosses to put up his insurance and allow her to buy a piece of land. However, she soon becomes suspicious of her political friends and the mafia bosses who had supplied her with the money and starts to try to kill them all.

The Banker is one of the most important characters in the movie. Although he is not the villain of the movie, he is definitely one of the most important and memorable characters.

Original title The Banker
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