Survive the Night
Survive the Night (2020)

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2020/5/22 89 min.


A journey through the movies serie as seen online. Interesting to see how much of each serie you have enjoyed by now.

This serie is the first in a series and thus like all serie today there is a new genre each time you watch it. This movie has a different nature to it because the sequel which will follow this one involves two stories of supernatural nature, two world wars, a baby, a very scary movie.

If this is your first time to watch a serie you will see that the serie is animated but the series is not. Each serie has a dark and twisted humour that is somehow rare in the anime series.

This serie is part of a series about a vampire in the 3rd century. He is known as Vincent, who has three children named his eldest one Louis (son of the mistress of the lord) the middle one LaViolet and the youngest one named Scott. The trio is a puzzle and one can not only figure out the whole story of the series but also understand and figure out the reason for them to be like that.

The atmosphere created here is a lot darker than the usual serie so expect some violence and gore in this serie. This is one of the few that uses realism to tell its story and if you have trouble with that sort of thing, then you will enjoy this one.

Another serie worth watching online is the last in the serie which revolves around the last film industry in Europe, the master of the masters. By this time France has been taken over by the Germans and if the French were still active in the film industry, the Germans would have easily captured the whole region. Through a meeting of the former lovers and the director of a famous cinema, the young French film makers are able to escape from Germany and return to their homeland.

Now for the sub-series of this serie I will give you a short one about a Greek Islands and their mythical god of many faces. The movie is about a beautiful goddess named Atalanta, who as a child was always afraid of ghosts and died on her 18th birthday. One day she was visited by the God of many faces who asked her for help to end the civil war in Greece.

In order to do this the God of many faces needs help and they offered the goddess a great golden chariot which is guarded by an elephant who in return asks for her hand in marriage. In order to fulfill the promise between the two they will battle and this is the beginning of the Gods of many faces series.

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