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Their quest begineth. 2020/2/29 102 min.


Onward, Christian Soldiers is a modern day war drama directed by Tom Tykwer. It follows the experiences of soldiers fighting in Vietnam. The screenplay features the voices of actors from the movie including Luke Bracey, John Cusack, and Walter Matthau. In addition, cinematographer Isamu Noguchi worked on the movie.

This movie is directed by D.I.D. Ed. Its plot follows the lives of several American servicemen during the Korean War, as well as some that are based on historical events that occurred in Vietnam.

Although the story is based on a true story, the movie is still an entertaining one. Onward, Christian Soldiers is not really a documentary. Instead, it is an impressive war movie with just enough drama and action to keep the viewers interested. The actors are good enough that they managed to make the story interesting. The movie's storyline can be compared to the Ben Hur and Gladiator movies.

The movie revolves around the experiences of an unnamed Marine, Jonathon Bates, who returns home from the Vietnam War and notices his ex-wife has remarried. To resolve the problem, Bates plans to enlist in the U.S. Army but is only accepted after paying his old friend a visit. Meanwhile, Bates' friend Kevin Beaulieu is injured and needs to stay in a hospital for some time. Beaulieu claims to be a journalist and asks Bates to help him expose a powerful drug lord. When Bates agrees, he is sent to Quang Ngai Province where he becomes involved in a conflict between rival drug dealers.

Onward, Christian Soldiers contains great acting, great action, and a complex story. However, the movie itself is not a documentary. Most of the time, the movie simply lets the characters speak without elaborating much ontheir background or history. Nevertheless, the movie was produced with the same goal of making a good movie that will be of interest to its audience, unlike other movies, such as Saving Private Ryan and Braveheart, that are based on real events.

The film also features a documentary, especially since the first movie had a documentary style. The overall theme is similar but it takes place in the fictional World War II theater. Unlike the first movie, Onward, Christian Soldiers are set in different time periods. Although the location and war happen to be similar, the other time periods are not present and this hinders the story to move along.

As it was expected, the film did not do well in theaters. However, it was not the lowest grossing movie this year. It finished fifth on the box office chart and fourth on the opening weekend. The movie did relatively well in DVD sales too. It was on the top ten list in the DVD sales lists for the entire year. This means that it was also worth watching and is now available in video formats.

Onward, Christian Soldiers is actually an update of the first movie in the series, War Is A Lie. The script is from the war documentaries of the time and it shows how things were different then.

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