Lost Girls
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Lost Girls (2020)

Lost Girls

2020/3/13 95 min.


The Lost Girls is a drama series produced by Netflix and produced by the makers of the popular and award winning Prison Break. The story follows young women who are members of the Yakuza, the most powerful organized crime syndicate in Japan. The series is about the women's journey of being caught up in Japan's most infamous criminal syndicate.

The story is told in three acts that follow the life of each character, their battles to get out of jail and their relationship with each other through the eyes of the viewer. The trio of actors who plays the main female characters are all in top form and they portray the lead roles perfectly. Their gruff but beautiful actions are also relatable and fun to watch as the character works to become free of the criminal syndicate she has joined.

It is easy to fall in love with the girls from The Lost Girls. The way the show flows is easy to follow and most episodes are already full of action and excitement. Watching the episodes is like watching a fast-paced sport film. The story line is so intriguing that it gives the viewers the energy they need to continue with the story.

While the Lost Girls is portrayed as ruthless women, they are also victims of their past as they go through the trials and tribulations they had to go through in order to become what they are today. The girls' personalities are so believable that they are able to easily draw you into their stories.

The standout performance of the Lost Girls comes from their main female character - Ami Mizuno. She carries the series with her determination, strength and mysterious aura that make her stand out from the rest of the characters and captivates the audience from the very beginning.

The popularity of the show is on the rise since the release of the first installment of the Lost Girl Collection. This collection is a compilation of all three movies into one DVD set. With the intention of showing how the different girl deals with their circumstances and mistakes, this collection will give the viewers a great insight into what being a member of the Yakuza really means.

This is not the only time that the second installment of the series will be released, so expect the same quality and vibrancy of the series. The Lost Girls will be released again in late 2020. This collection will surely deliver the kind of entertainment the fans have been longing for.

This series has been consistently giving us great storylines. In addition to creating great characters and creating an intriguing plot line, the show has made another important contribution - to popularize Japanese acting. With more Asian actors joining the cast, the show is bringing its appeal to the whole world.

Original title Lost Girls
TMDb Rating 6.2 201 votes

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