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Some secrets should stay buried 2020/5/15 110 min.


In the Serie A series, Inheritance, the heroine is portrayed by Kim Cattrall. She is known for her acting abilities and has played more than her share of strong women in movies. In Inheritance, she plays a mother who is much younger than her daughter, Connie, who is twelve years old at the start of the movie.

The plot follows the Arleston family, who own a convenient wagon that they use to carry their belongings. During the time of a fire that damages their wagon, they are forced to live in a tent for three days. It is not long before they make their way to Texas and move into a trailer with a squatter family.

While they are there, a group of kids find their way into the trailer, including a two-year-old girl named Connie. Connie's father, Caleb, starts dating a boy named Scott and Connie becomes enamored with the young man, who happens to be a local police officer.

When the old man dies, it falls to Kim Cattrall to take care of the girl, but she can't care for her, so she falls into depression. Meanwhile, Caleb finally gets a new job with a highly reputable firm and his new girlfriend gets a promotion as well. However, a fire takes out the trailer again, this time causing Connie to be stranded.

In an attempt to save her, Kim Cattrall agrees to help him in exchange for a percentage of the loot found during the fire. Meanwhile, Scott begins to develop feelings for Connie, until a car accident causes her to lose control of the car and crash into a fence. She wakes up in a wheelchair and finds out that she now has to live with a new house that belongs to Scott.

The remaining fifteen minutes of Inheritance show how Kim Cattrall reacts to Scott's advances on Connie. Her feelings, along with that of the other characters, are all depicted in excellent fashion in the movie. This is one of the most well-written scenes from the series.

Overall, this movie has everything to appeal to an audience. The plot is gripping, the acting is great, and the dialogue flows with a smooth motion that makes the movie seem like a musical.

Not to mention, it is extremely entertaining. Hopefully this movie will become available on DVD so that anyone can see this movie.

Original title Inheritance
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