I Still Believe
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I Still Believe (2020)

I Still Believe

One love can change your life. 2020/3/12 115 min.


"I Still Believe" is a decent movie that was never likely to be a huge success. The cast includes the talented Canadian actress Rachel Weisz and has some well-known singers in the movie such as Sting and Chris Van Allsburg. The movie has been somewhat overshadowed by the equally mediocre "Vacation."

I really like this movie, but I'm not sure if it's one of the better movies on TV right now. It is not a bad movie, but doesn't hold a candle to other films that are in the same genre. Nevertheless, "I Still Believe" has some interesting elements to offer for viewers that want a change of pace from the usual Hollywood blockbusters.

The film is set in Asheville, North Carolina and stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Blake and Sean Astin as Matt. They move to the city because it is so much fun and is a hot spot for music lovers. A movie that portrays Asheville as a little gem seems to be very successful, and this one seems to be no exception.

The movie begins when the two friends attend a concert by a rock band at a local video store. The band is called "Rampage the Mighty" and the videographer says they are so popular that no one is allowed to buy tickets from the normal box office. They go to the video store anyway and witness the concert, which turns out to be incredibly awesome. The end of the movie features them going back to the video store and then buying tickets in a small section of the same row where they first saw the concert.

Once there, they see that they have accidentally purchased tickets to a concert that has a band called "Leatherface" and they find out they have to go to a special club to take a chance on the red tape that has been placed on their tickets. During the night, Blake and Matt find out the red tape turns out to be fake and that they can go to the show.

This movie is a funny one with some great songs. I enjoyed the dialogue quite a bit, and the scenes where the camera would pan up and down to reveal musical instruments were quite amusing. These scenes were among the ones that made me laugh the most.

Another part of the movie that makes it stand out from other "music" flicks is that the band "Leatherface" and the narrator of the film would sometimes reference this red tape and how it could be fake. In addition, most of the songs in the movie are quite good and I always liked the lyrics to the songs. However, I'm not sure if the song "Take Me To Chapel Hill" actually made it into the movie.

I liked this movie a lot, especially the parts where the camera showed musicians playing along with the music. I also liked the ending. If you are looking for a movie with a lot of music and then a touch of drama, this is probably not for you.

Original title I Still Believe
TMDb Rating 7.4 38 votes

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