Gretel & Hansel
Gretel & Hansel (2020)

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A grim fairy tale 2020/1/30 87 min.


When you say "Gretel & Hansel," the image of a two-year old boy and a three-year old girl come to mind. But in reality, these two children are two peas in a pod. And there's more than meets the eye! What you may not know is that a production company is bringing an acclaimed movie, The Royal Tenenbaums, to life on the big screen!

It's important for us to remember that everyone is born with two ears and one mouth, but it's also important to remember that these two are also connected by a short chain of circumstances that bring them together, but also separates them. But what is that chain? It's the journey of Gretel & Hansel. You'll soon find out that this child has a lot to teach us.

One day, Gretel and Hansel go out together to collect some eggs from the hen house. From that point, they've been inseparable, because they don't even have names yet. Of course, there are rules when it comes to naming things. Names must start with letters and numbers. If you aren't sure about a name, then you have to explain to the other person why the name is the way it is.

It's impossible for anyone to appreciate Gretel and Hansel without knowing their names. Of course, Gretel and Hansel have been saved from the fate of being left behind. But as they grow older, they realize that they do need to separate, so that they can both be happy.

Gretel & Hansel are reunited later, in a scene that's reminiscent of a fairy tale. They are walking in a field when they run into each other again. They've already been separated by a chain of events that brought them together. Gretel and Hansel experience the thrill of finding each other, while at the same time, realizing how alone they've been for so long. Eventually, they become attached to each other again.

One day, Gretel and Hansel find themselves completely forgetting everything about them. They think that they've lost their memory, but when they remember, they find that they're really missing just a few memories. When they begin to enjoy their lives, they realize that they are now single again.

You see, Gretel and Hansel had been estranged for years. They had been forced to separate, because they couldn't understand the other. Gretel and Hansel didn't know who the other was. Once they realize who the other is, they forget about being separated. And by forgetting about being separated, they realize their true selves.

When you watch this movie, you'll wonder how these two children managed to forget who they were for so long. It's an impressive feat, and if you are wondering how these two had separated over the years, then I recommend that you watch The Royal Tenenbaums! It's a great movie that won several awards for Best Animated Feature, and it's really worth watching.

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