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We all pay for our crimes in the end. 2020/5/12 103 min.


The Capone Story comes out a lot of times each year and is also quite popular on TV. I'm sure you all are aware of the movie of the same name that stars Al Pacino, who is known for his role in Scarface.

This particular movie was also the first in a series of Capone serie. It had three sequels, which starred Mel Gibson, Dennis Hopper and Robert De Niro. Every one of these movies gave a different interpretation of the character and how Capone lived his life.

This movie has been viewed by millions of people and they still watch it every year. With many gangsters in the movie, you could probably assume that Capone himself is going to be a wanted man. In fact, he lived in New York City and dealt with gangsters in the area.

Although his crimes are not considered as serious as other members of the criminal community, he was known to be ruthless. The crimes were done while the men under him were being put away, so that they would have no chance of being released. The punishment for this kind of crime is death for the main perpetrator and a long prison sentence for all the others.

Although the gun violence is still involved, it's no more of a problem in modern times than in the times of previous generations. However, in other instances, people are treated to some real violence, such as shooting at others in a movie setting.

The film Capone depicts the way people reacted to the house of crime. When the mayor tells them not to bring guns in, they are not only punished for their crime but their friends are killed and there are even people that are killed to be part of this gang.

The movie portrays what could happen if they didn't obey. Unfortunately, even though a lot of people have seen this movie, they don't seem to want to forget about the crime. They still carry guns as they are portrayed in the film.

The film of the same name is now known as the sequel to Capone. There are also different versions of this movie such as the film Capone: He Loves Me and Capone: A Movie For Real People.

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