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When the mission ends, redemption begins 2020/4/24 116 min.


Zatoichi is one of the most famous character in the serie. This film is a part of series of samurai who are depicted as warriors. However, in this series, Zatoichi is portrayed as a human who wears a mask while battling evil katana-wielding villain.

Another series of serie called the Extraction is about an assassin, Tron Inverse who uses a katana. In this series, he becomes the object of the hatred of some members of the SSS and they start to take revenge on him using weapons such as swords, knives, guns and firearms.

Movie Opening is important to any movie because it represents the overall mood of the movie. Zatoichi starts the movie with an energetic style of music; this style of music will be followed by the rest of the movie.

In this movie, there are many prominent people that are involved in this battle, such as a popular yakuza family and an assassin and bounty hunter. Other characters from this movie include Tron Inverse (Leonardo DiCaprio), Hanyu Feng (Ben Kingsley), Ken Kaneki (Ricardo Montalban), Trish Una (Rina Mimouni), John Marston (Martin Sheen), Casanova Donacien (David Wenham), Xochioche (Giovanni Ribisi), Shiro Kaburo (Akihiko Sano), Big Boss (Michael Madsen) and more.

The opening scene of this movie is thrilling and exciting; it has many intense scenes, though it's not as quick paced as other serie. The characters all have their own style of fighting and fight with each other using katana. In order to stay alive, they fight using various weapons.

The Extraction is a series of different styles that each serie has. However, Zatoichi is not really different from other serie. The fight scenes are always entertaining as we see the best swordsmen use katana and kusarigama, also known as kodachi and ninjatama.

Zatoichi online movie sites also provide subtitles to the Japanese version and the English version, making it easier for the viewers to watch and enjoy the movie. Some online sites also allow you to download the movie instantly; however, this is not available in the case of Zatoichi. This movie can be watched in both languages.

Like the other serie, the movie can be watched online or on DVD. The online movie sites have more features including movie trailers, movie transcripts, movie reviews and movie highlights, movie cast list, movie critic and more.

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