Escape from Pretoria
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Escape from Pretoria (2020)

Escape from Pretoria

Break out before it breaks you. 2020/3/6 101 min.


The Escape from Pretoria is a 1983 South African horror movie based on a true story. This is the third installment in the series that was about the TV series. It tells the story of President P.W. Botha's rescue and escape from Pretoria.

The movie depicts both pre-pubescent and adolescent characters. The actors are aged between eleven and twenty-three years. Young actresses are mostly in the role of a mother and daughter who are separated and are to be reunited with their loved ones by a trucking company who has promised them a marriage proposal. They have decided to get married despite the fact that they cannot stand the idea of marriage. An aged actress plays the part of a town supervisor who needs to decide if the girl's family will be allowed to stay in the community or not.

In this movie, The Queen Mother and PW Botha are sent to Zuur Wel Jelen in which they are housed in the notorious Port Elizabeth Prison. The movie details PW Botha's escape from the prison. It also tells the tale of his rival's escape and The King, who was having an affair with one of the girls during her childhood.

As the movie goes on, the story becomes more elaborate. At the end of the movie, the biggest surprise for the audience is when PW Botha is found in a tent in the forest of Zuur Wel Jelen. The film ends with a shocking scene that was never shown on the television or in the movies.

The movie has been advertised well and it has been received very well by the audiences. The film was a huge hit when it was released and continues to be a big hit till date. The music tracks in the movie include features by former members of The Specials, Bernard Sumner, and singer Ornette Coleman. The movie is mostly shown in theatres and is available in the different formats of DVD, VCD, and of course on DVD. The DVD releases are widely accepted as good deals. The movie is also available in high definition.

When it comes to booking tickets for the movie, you need to check whether you can purchase tickets at the cinema, or online. It is recommended that you book tickets in advance so that you get first dibs on seats. Movie ticket shops are well-stocked and prices are very affordable.

The movie also has a special feature wherein you can chat with The King. You can also purchase books featuring the film and other accessories such as stickers, mouse pads, and posters at the mall and the cinema. The online sale of Escape from Pretoria is also available and you can buy items as per your preference.

Original title Escape from Pretoria
TMDb Rating 6.6 62 votes

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