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Emma. (2020)


Handsome, clever, and rich. 2020/2/13 124 min.


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a hot favorite on the upcoming German film festivals and just as impressive in the eyes of German film critics. It's a great thriller with a surprising originality of its kind. The book that was adapted to the movie by Stieg Larsson will bring a surprising change of pace in its sequel and it will surely surprise you once again. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie is out on DVD and has English subtitles so be sure to check it out.

This movie is exciting, thrilling and at the same time alluring. In the books, M and Emma meet in the first book and this time they are drawn into a completely different world. They have the same names but unlike the novels, they don't share a physical relationship. The body language is completely different and it's interesting how it manages to change the way that you read the script, while not causing the script to become disjointed.

I will say that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is more of a psychological thriller than a drama with the story line really getting to the crux of the issue. As the characters get involved with each other and their agendas come to light, their relation becomes a lot more complicated. What makes this adaptation even more unique is the fact that the director has included some hidden messages in the script. I won't spoil the ending but it sure is interesting to see how all these events unfold.

This movie series is popular worldwide and with the movies from this series available on DVD, it's easy to find something new to watch each week. Each time the saga gets further into the depth of the plot, the viewer is stunned and left in awe at the sheer complexity of the storyline. There are many plot lines that are developed in each movie and the author's point of view to show the differing times, cultures and environments that are constantly interchanging between the three protagonists. The movies aren't perfect and neither is the series as they tend to differ slightly from the books.

The young girl has been kidnapped, so you can imagine that the main concern of the movie is for her safety. In this instance, she doesn't appear as strong as in the books where she defends herself against multiple attackers. This scene did make me wonder if the writers would've had the courage to kill off her, but it didn't take away from the amazing storytelling style. These days, it seems like the common sight to kill off female characters, but at the time, it showed that they actually had written something extraordinary that was special in its own right.

The dark atmosphere is very appealing and totally unique in its own right. At the same time, it creates a wonderful mood and enhances the storyline tremendously. The second half of the film is one of the best examples of how the literary style of Stieg Larsson, adapted in a movie and kept alive to create a unique experience. Also, since we know the ending and now that we know that the video release has English subtitles, we can already predict what the movie is going to look like.

I was never fully convinced that the books could be made into a movie because of the very nature of the story and the visual depictions. I know a lot of people have tried to translate them and I believe that with a bit of creativity, it could work. Of course, it would be easier to pull this off if it was a very condensed version of the series. But Stieg Larsson's body of work deserves a movie of its own. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is definitely a movie that will intrigue and thrill fans of the original books.

For the best German movie watching experience, check out the trailer below. You may be surprised by the premise and the dramatic scenes that will bring the story to life. I guess that's what's called originality. If the movies were cut down just a little, they would probably be much better movies.

Original title Emma.
TMDb Rating 6.8 108 votes

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