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He's just not a people person. 2020/1/1 101 min.


The biggest hit of the series so far is DOLITTLE. This movie is in the same category as other children's serie such as Tigger, Pinocchio, or Bambi. But this movie is the first real entry of the series and brings a lot of interesting change into the theme.

DOLITTLE is about the group of small creatures called the DOLITTLE. These creatures are their friendly and carefree counterparts. They include: Zig, Molly, Luca, Betty, Blubber, and Perk-a-lot. These friendly creatures go through various entertaining and amusing episodes as they live their everyday lives. Like other children's serie, they also face several challenges like when they are to meet friends, solving puzzles, solving problems, etc.

In Dolittle, they live together happily with the few like-minded and playful small children. There are also plenty of hilarious moments, which makes their behavior and fun time enjoyable for the viewer. DOLITTLE also follows their pets, who are very interesting and lively. Moreover, these animals also have a part to play in the story as well.

As the story progresses, you will be provided with plenty of exciting scenes. It seems to be very real because each scene is more exciting. The story line is usually narrated by one of the kids, either Betty or Blubber. Their dialogues also serves as an entertainment factor for the viewers. For instance, in the first few scenes, Betty and Blubber are seeing having a conversation in which they provide a different perspective on the story.

Every movie in the series is actually a separate story, but in the end they connect with each other. Some of the main characters include: Sissy, Toot, Bozo, and Boogers. These are just some of the main characters you will encounter.

In addition, the cinematography of the movie is really magnificent. The movie has really impressive lighting, which makes every scene extremely vivid and special. The action sequences are exciting and thrilling. The characters also are so lively and appealing that they manage to capture the interest of all age groups.

Watching a good movie is a great way to release stress and tension. The whole concept of this series revolves around the problem solving situations. Therefore, the viewers will need a decent level of intelligence and quick thinking skills to figure out the plot of the story. Hence, the viewers must watch it in advance.

What can be better than watching a good movie? Watch a fun and enjoyable movie together with your loved ones. That is what DOLITTLE has become for me.

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