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Dangerous Lies (2020)

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2020/4/30 96 min.


"Dangerous Lies" is the third installment in the series "Simpsons World." The movie is a parody of those episodes from the original series. It consists of many different characters from each episode. It was made by Simpsons Online Films, which is an official production of the show.

The third movie in the "Simpsons World" series, "Dangerous Lies" tells the story of Lisa Simpson and her boyfriend in their attempt to win over her father, John, so they can go to Hawaii. The movie is a spoof of episodes like "Homer the Heretic," "Bart Gets Famous," and "Mother Simpson." The character's name is made up so much that the movie is called as such.

The movie begins with a child telling about a fish that he saw in the ocean, and that the fish turned out to be alive. The child is getting scolded by his mother because of his story. While watching the movie, you can notice that a lot of people took the jokes from the previous three movies and added to them.

In the next scene, we see a guy (played by Bart Simpson) telling about his day in bed with a girl's story. During the story, she plays a harp. The harp is featured in the movie so much that we can even recognize it as its own instrument. We can even hear the harp in the background of the video.

Then, we move on to a scene where the boy's family's home is destroyed in a tornado. As it turns out, the Tornado is being controlled by a mysterious villain, who aims to get revenge on the Simpsons. The villain is using the form of a turtle, and as a result the entire neighborhood is at risk, as well as the girl's father.

The movie did a great job with this great storyline. This is what makes the movie enjoyable to watch. If you are not enjoying the movie so far, then you should look into changing the channels, because your favorite show is going to take a backseat to the one about the Turtles.

Another funny thing about the movie is that the movie has a female snake. And it is way bigger than the real turtles. That would be weird if the "Argonauts" can transform into a giant snake, while the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can only change their size to that of a giant turtle.

The third movie in the "Simpsons World" series, "Dangerous Lies" is yet another funny movie. The scenes are fun to watch, and the storyline is almost too good to be true. You will definitely enjoy the movie, and the fact that you have access to the internet in this day and age.

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