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You're home. Forever. 2019/7/12 97 min.


Vivarium is a movie by the name of "Song of the Sea" by Sergey Litvinenko. It is about a cat, which falls in love with a dolphin. The Dolphin's mate, a female Grey seal, is now pregnant and they are separated and have to move on to find their own kind.

At first glance the song may be really cute but the story turns out to be far more complex than a simple story of human emotion and kinship. The Russian singer, Sergey Litvinenko, has been quoted as saying that it was based on his experiences with the former Soviet Union in the late eighties. The whole movie, in fact, contains a serious message of environmental concern and is dedicated to the local seals that used to live in the Sea of Japan. This website, however, will discuss the main plot and a few other aspects of the movie's message.

The two sides meet and the sailor, a Danish sailor, has decided to accompany the female seal. She lets him do so and the two travel together until they reach their destination. Their journey brings them across to an island which is not only desolate but also appears to be completely abandoned. The sailor meets some other sailors, who get them to a boat and they are sent out into the Sea of Japan. Soon they find what they believe to be their mate.

After discovering a bizarre and hostile den of some creatures, the sailors, along with the marine biologist aboard the ship, see what they believe to be the remains of the dead whale. They soon discover that this appears to be a wreck and that they are being attacked by sharks.

In the meanwhile, the dolphin's mate and her baby have escaped the ship and meet up with the sailor's son and his sister. The father seems to be very protective of the baby while the mother is quite aggressive towards the entire group.

Eventually, the whale appears to be trapped and the sailors try to rescue it but are attacked by sharks while trying to do so. The whale also ends up trapped on the same boat but it manages to escape after freeing itself from the ship's hull. Eventually, the whole group manages to escape landing.

At the end of the movie, the sailor is found dead and the couple's baby was taken away by the biologist who is now conducting research on the marine animals of the Sea of Japan. He soon discovers that the whole incident is all a huge hoax and that the ship's owner, whom he is quite suspicious of, is actually the marine biologist.

At the end of the movie, the sailors find the story so exciting that they end up going out to the Sea of Japan to see for themselves. They soon realise that the whole thing is just a hoax. The sailors find the remains of the dead whale but they eventually give up on the whole idea of seeing the Sea of Japan and return home.

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