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Togo (2019)


The Untold True Story 2019/12/20 113 min.


Disney + brings us one of his original films for the whole family that although it does not turn out to be anything new, it complies with its sincerity and a meaningful work on the part of everyone involved.

The films that have animals as protagonists, are stories that all kinds of audiences like and that always make a place within the seventh art. Perhaps there are few films that transcend and include great cinematographic works but every now and then there are good exponents that are worth visiting.

Disney is a skilled connoisseur of these stories, and is also characterized as a studio that provides entertainment suitable for the whole family. “Togo” (2019) is a feature film that without being brilliant manages to move the viewer and provide honest entertainment throughout its 113 minutes without low blows.

The film, based on real events, places us in 1925, and more precisely in the inhospitable landscapes of Alaska. In that isolated state, the people of Norme are in serious danger because of an epidemic of diphtheria that threatens the lives of its inhabitants. To avoid this, they should get a serum / antidote that is in a city that is located several kilometers away. Several inhabitants of the area form groups and prepare their sleds to cover long distances and go past the only possible cure until they reach Norme.

Leonhard Seppala (Willem Dafoe) is one of the volunteers who offers to make one of the longest sections of the trip. For this, he will have the help of Togo, a 12-year-old dog, who despite having considered him a puppy too small and weak to be a sled leader, a term demonstrating his ability and speed to travel the icy roads of the territory. However, Leonhard fears that his partner will not survive such a difficult task considering his advanced age. What Seppala does not know is that Togo is willing to demonstrate that it is capable of overcoming any obstacle, regardless of its complication, watch online this film and judge it by yourself.

The director Ericson Core, who already had the opportunity to work under the orders of the study of the mouse in Invincible (2006), immerses us in a fast-paced journey that despite being familiar in certain aspects, manages to entertain by its vertiginous rhythm and an inspired interpretation the always great Willem Dafoe.

The story is divided into events related to the crossing of this Leonhard-Togo duo in search of serum and flashbacks that reveal the beginning of the friendship between Seppala and the title dog. Although at times these glimpses of the past, take away some agility to the main plot, this resource serves to discover how this relationship between the two became special. At first Leonhard Seppala didn't want to know anything with Togo, because of his erratic behavior and because of his size, since being small he saw it as a fairly weak dog for the tasks for which he raised these animals. That is why his wife Constance (Julianne Nicholson) insists her husband to keep it, and after two failed attempts to give it up for adoption, he decides to give it a try.

As you will well realize, history travels through several common places where there is a problematic relationship that then transcends borders but is put to the test by external circumstances.

Possibly its appeal is reflected in the true nature of the product based on a true story, the correct performances of its interpreters and the impeccable work of special effects that the film has. On the other hand, the emotion, delicacy and sensitivity that the film works through the exploration of the link between man and dogs make it an unavoidable work for animal lovers, watch now the movie and enjoy it if that's your case.

We can also highlight the direction of photography, which is made by the same director of the film, which exploits the helplessness and oppressive atmosphere of those glacial sites. All this helps to finish building those levels of tension and pressure suggested by the narrative rhythm.

Togo is a solid family story and a tense survival drama that will appeal to the sensitive fibers of the viewer without falling into any kind of low blow and emotional manipulation, something that already highlights it from the rest of these types of stories. An absorbing story, with a certain degree of predictability in its outcome but with a lot of heart and personality.

Original title Togo
TMDb Rating 8 285 votes

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