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The Wretched (2019)

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2019/7/10 95 min.


The Wretched is a movie that follows the life of Max (played by Nicolas Cage), who lives in the seedy part of a seedy town. With his hard luck story and penchant for throwing himself into stupid attempts to make money, he endures the insults and disparagement from all his friends and is frequently mocked by passersby.

The movie depicts many other characters in an encomium to their stupidity. These are some of the most absurd characters in the movie: Jim, the Irish crony who constantly gets him into trouble, and Sasha, who sing about dogs while gorging on meat. In fact, no one in The Wretched is too bad, but everyone in this movie seems to be out of place.

Instead of portraying people as having realistic characteristics, like portraying inmates in a prison, the characters of The Wretched are imagined as if they were their owners, mimicking inmates in a prison. The worst examples of this are Jim, whose name can be translated as "the creature," and Sasha, who shout "Bowl me, bitch!" It's as if these people can speak English, but if anyone were to say "Smelly Jim"Fuzzy Sasha," they would say something that was similar.

The Wretched is filled with these kinds of moronic characters. The plot of the movie is revealed after a few minutes. It is a concept film about an old man who tries to marry an eleven-year-old girl but is rejected. After the girl, who has always had a crush on him, rejects him, he kills himself.

Once the movie is exposed, a series of events results in the death of Max. At first, people think it is an accident, but eventually, people find out what really happened.

The Wretched is really a fast-paced, ultra-moronic and super-brash flick with an eerie video design, which is filled with red herrings and sound effects that will turn the brains of even the strongest person to mush. The music is very well done and synchronized. However, the singing, which is supposed to be so professional is all terrible.

Overall, The Wretched is a disgusting and obnoxious movie with no value. It has been released recently, which means that the actors and actresses are not yet fully established. Although the script is interesting, the actual movie, despite being filthy, is not a good one. If you hate yourself already, then you may want to stay away from this movie.

The Wretched is a non-stop noise. Any person, who is looking for a bright side, should avoid this movie as it will only bring misery and pain. The only thing you can get from this film is a bad taste in your mouth.

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