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The Farewell (2019)

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Based on an actual lie. 2019/7/12 100 min.


The Farewell is the last part of a long series, the first part being The Guest. This movie is quite a little bit different from the previous movies of the serie.

The movie is about death. It is also about life, if you will. Of course, I'm not going to go into details, just know that The Farewell is not a movie about life and death. I believe the word "Life" should be replaced with "Death"Lives", since the movie is more about the both-good and bad side of death.

The Farewell is about a man named Eszter Hansian. He lives in a small village in Poland. One day he witnesses a strange orb fall from the sky. He later finds out that the orb belonged to a creature that lived among them years ago. The creature was recently killed by two brothers in a hunt, but they found out a way to revive it, by taking its soul.

The brothers, "Lee"Jimmy", intend to take the soul and use it to become immortal. The best way to do this is to capture the soul of their "gal". This gal is Eszter Hansian's mother, which means that the boy cannot leave the village until the quest is done.

However, Eszter decides to leave the village in order to fulfill his destiny. The most obvious evidence is a shop where Eszter meets a female vampire. The film's ending depends on whether or not the character survives the mission.

This movie belongs to the third part of the series, while the second part is titled As Above So Below. The Farewell, however, is the third part of the second season. Thefirst part of the second season is titled Il Cielo. The second season of the series is called L'Atelier.

The sequel to the series is titled Dog Days, but the Season was re-released for the first time as The Rider. The movie, however, isn't a remake of the original tale, as some critics claimed. The movie is an entirely new story, however, based on the Rider, because the Serie, before its closure, had the same premise.

The Farewell might be a short movie, but it has been highly acclaimed by critics and viewers alike. If you love vampire stories, then you should watch The Farewell. It's an extremely well-written, scary, and suspenseful tale.

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