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Welcome to the day after judgement day 2019/10/23 128 min.


What if you mix Dora the Explorer, The Bicentennial Man, women with inferiority complex and a killer machine of the future that once had dignity? Exactly: a disappointment called Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) that will steal two hours of your life plus silver from your pocket with a movie-shaped gun. Before continuing, make it clear that these lines are not to criticize for the scandal and the presumption of intellectualism, but to do justice - before pressing "F" - to one of the greatest sagas of science fiction: Terminator.

It is customary to see cinematographic jewelry somewhat ruined by modifications made to please "everyone." In this case, they went beyond, they crossed the border to the terrain of the absurd. Watch it now in case you will think differently. Grace (Mackenzie Davis), the cyborg sent to the past to protect who will save humanity, has an aspect that does not correspond to that of a soldier of the post-apocalyptic future. Do not dare to play the T-X card in Terminator 3: The Machine Rebellion, the fact that it is a woman is not the problem, the problem is that its appearance does not match what is "expected" of the character. In the case of the T-X, it was obvious that she was an attractive woman due to the needs of infiltration, but with Grace, more muscles, battle scars would be expected, in short, something that would make her look like a survivor.

If the above does not convince you, there is a dialogue in the film where Grace shouts: "Nobody gave them permission to play my private parts!" Leaving in evidence that his character was only made to be sold to certain people, that instead of creating something of their own they have to alter the works of others. Mackenzie Davis acted with excessive sobriety, there weren't noticed gradual changes in his attitude towards Dani, Sarah Connor or the T-800 (the usual terminator), but some overnight.

On the other hand, Dani (Natalia Reyes) is the one who stood out most for her performance by maintaining her balance with a character as caricatural as the one she played. She embodied a cartoon of an empowered woman, where she is shown as an action heroine from the beginning instead of an ordinary person who goes through a transformation, which is elementary in a movie like this if Sarah Connor is remembered of the first Terminator.

Remember the episode of South Park where George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Indiana Jones come out? Well, now imagine it with Tim Miller (director), Billy Ray, David S. Goyer, Justin Rhodes, Josh Friedman (screenwriters) and the T-800. Why say that? Because here, the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has a wife and an adopted son. They gave him a human conscience that came by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit along with the ability to hide from his family the fact of being a murderous metallic skeleton of the future who does not eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom.

Poor Arnold was tied hands and feet to limit his performance to a script that violates the entire essence of the Terminator saga, went from being a badass to a child character with characteristics incompatible with what “is” a Terminator, that is he didn't even wear sunglasses when he should have. The result was a total parody, a machine that supposedly cannot feel develops complex emotional connections and makes jokes, in a very human way as opposed to similar behaviors of the T-800 in Terminator 2: The Last Judgment.

The same thing happened to Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), because what was once a truly empowered woman who went from being an ordinary girl to an elite survivor, is now an eventual Terminators hunter who competes with the T-800 for make the best Stand Up Comedy. It is fortunate that they left her out of that implicit lesbian tension between Grace and Dani, a miracle if one takes into account that they threw the entire saga to the ground as long as the resistance leader was female..

The words are not enough to explain all the disappointment you feel when you see a saga so cruelly treated. The best thing for fans is to take this movie as a joke and consider it even more out of the canon than that parody of terminator saving Jesus Christ, if you see Schwarzenegger out there give him a hug and let him know that it was not his fault, Terminator: Dark Fate is a waste of time, but still, some things you have to see them for yourself to have your own conclusion, so watch it online and then you'll be free to agree or disagree with us.

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