Spies in Disguise
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Spies in Disguise (2019)

Spies in Disguise

Super Spy. Super Fly. 2019/12/4 102 min.


The movie 'Spies In Disguise' premiered this week in Mexico. Directed by filmmakers Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, the film is an ode to spy movies in the style of James Bond or Mission Impossible, but lively. In addition, it features the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland, two Hollywood stars whose charisma stands out in their animated characters.

Lance Sterling (Smith) is an old-school spy: infallible, violent, accurate, seductive, vain and unattentive. Walter Beckett (Holland) is the young geek, a genius inventor who develops the most crazy but extremely effective gadgets! Both work in a secret agency that fights international crime and will have to join forces when, due to confusion, Lance is persecuted as a crime suspect and, seeking Walter's help, drinks a serum that turns him into a dove.

Under his new winged condition, Lance seems not to go very far, but by teaming up with Walter, who is the odd boy in the agency, he will discover that having become a bird can mean an advantage in his quality as a spy to solve the case. of which they accuse him.

Spies In Disguise is full of action and references to other stories of the genre and has a moral, like any title suitable for the whole family. However, and no matter what may be predictable, it is an experience that is enjoyed from start to finish by the talent of the co-directors, Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, and that of the actors who really make their lively counterparts come alive.

1. The chemistry between Will Smith and Tom Holland is undeniable. Although they act only with the voice, their characters "inherit" much of the personality and some physical and style characteristics of both actors and that makes them credible and endearing, watch online the film to see their amazing chemistry.

"Lance is the super spy that everyone loves and knows and on the other hand there is Walter, who is the new boy in the spying world, who has different and very good ideas and all the enthusiasm, but is not very aligned with everything what the established order means so it is ignored and even ridiculed and I think there is a lesson in all this, "explains Troy Quane, co-director of the tape, in an interview with Publimetro.

2. It is noted that, beyond their difference in personalities, there is teamwork by the directors of the film, as well as a deep love for the genre of espionage. We see the classic references such as the infallible, self-centered and seductive spy, sports cars, gadgets that perform impossible actions, bizarre villains, international scenarios (spoiler: some of the scenes are in Playa del Carmen), but especially human passions that move these types of characters.

"When you tell these stories, you are always looking for the truth behind them, behind the characters and you always take a look at your own experiences and remember the people with whom you have collaborated in the past or with whom you work today, they can be members of your family or your friends. You are always looking for what is real and authentic, because you cannot pretend that, this is how you connect with the public, "Quane said.

3. Highlight the value of being 'weird' and how our oddities can make a difference. The spy Lance Sterling has to accept his new condition and adapt to Walter's unconventional style to solve the problems. Meanwhile, Walter leaves the security of his corner in the agency and his gadgets and faces the real world, where he knows he has to adapt or lose everything, watch now the movie to see for yourself.

"I think the weird aspect is very important in this movie, because it's about two guys trying to save the world by doing teamwork. One of the characters is seen as weird because they don't have conventional ideas, but those ideas that aren't conventional and they are rare are the ones that are going to change and save the world, and all he needs is that someone else believes in him. So I hope that the children who watch this movie get the message that it's okay to be weird, "he explained to respect Nick Bruno, the other co-director of 'Spy Sneaking'.

5. Spies In Disguise highlights how each individual must find the courage to meet their goals in life. Walter and Lance discover the value they both have to make the change, to accept the oddities of the other, to face the obstacles and deadly traps that life puts on them due to their work and the courage necessary to accept their mistakes and forgive.

"The value is demonstrated in this film both in the part of the action as Lance's character does, dodging explosions and risking his life in the middle of the action, facing the bad guys, but also with the firmness of Walter, who He firmly believes in his ideas and defends them. That requires a lot of courage, "Quane concludes.

Original title Spies in Disguise
TMDb Rating 7.5 575 votes

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