Red Shoes
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Red Shoes (2019)

Red Shoes

2019/7/25 92 min.


Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs is one of the new stories that bring back those stories that we love, those that let us fly the imagination between the magical and the real, is based on the old story of Snow White.

Sometimes we dream with enchantments and spells, which is why for this opportunity we will be able to appreciate and meet a beautiful princess named Snow White, who brings to the screen to watch online from home and with the whole family a plot full of emotion, this we can be seen with the youngest to the oldest, being suitable for all audiences.

This young lady had a normal life like any other little princess, full of luxuries and splendor that made her life the best, but something that she never imagined was that a day when she least thought about it could take a huge turn and her life change completely, because she is delighted by some red shoes that make her look more beautiful, slim and slender, these red shoes that this girl wears are magical but what she could not imagine is that her great shoes are wanted by a fearsome and horrible witch who looks for them until exhaustion since she seeks to use them in her spells.

This movie looked like any other story that comes to the screen to watch online to break with all the schemes of the princess in trouble and that must be saved, now it is totally different, it comes to tell a story in which the princes are now the bewitched by the wicked witch, who has turned them into adorable green dwarfs as if they were part of a magical tale.

Now, these princes must do the impossible to break this enchantment and return to their original form, but what they believed would be something simple will not be, because they will be involved in a huge adventure, full of obstacles and magic.

On the other hand, Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs has had a 92% approval by its audience, since with its previous presentation of the plot it has been able to get an interest in the audience and fans of this type of stories, to be one of the best movies to watch online with those we love the best and the best in the comfort of our home.

Original title Red Shoes
TMDb Rating 6.4 111 votes

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