Ready or Not
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Ready or Not (2019)

Ready or Not

In-Laws Can Be Murder 2019/8/21 95 min.


Little does Ready Or Not really need to provide an actually memorable banquet: just three or four basic scenarios, a completely crazy situation and, yes, a wonderful scream queen, the Australian Samara Weaving, who maintains with an interpretation as successful as hilarious the entire movie, she's brilliant, we've already seen her in movies of this genre that does not take itself so seriously like The Babysitter of Netflix, and she does a great job playing characters like this, watch it online to see what we're talking about. 

In the passes of the Sitges Film Festival where we had the pleasure of seeing the movie and its protagonist in a very suitable environment, with the spectators pulling every blow, every death and every plot twist, the actress sent a message to the audience prior to the viewing in which she wished we had such a good time watching the movie as she had a good time rolling it. By the way, she also plays Nix in Guns Akimbo, another hilarious movie that we will talk to you shortly and that we are going to see regularly in genre films, for our joy.

She is the bride on Ready Or Not, a film in which nothing goes as she hopes once she marries the rich heir of the most particular family you'll ever know.

After an ostentatious link in which she has to cope with the eccentricities of her husband's cynical relatives, who do not approve of her bond, she assumes that she will have a normal wedding night, but that is beyond her reach when she is forced to participate in a strange tradition.

It's about playing with all your new relatives to whatever comes out randomly. To her misfortune, the game is that of hiding, although with a macabre twist. If they find her, they will kill her, so she has to stay alive until dawn. The scriptwriters Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy debut in the feature film with this libretto in which they give free rein to their imagination to show the tribulations of this young woman to try to see the sunlight again gradually transforming into a true survivor with a physical and psychological bestial evolution.

The film, which has been co-directed by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin is first and foremost an entertainment proposal with touches of fantasy and horror movies, but it is also allowed to baste some than another satirical message that suits him very well.

Thus, he rejoices in the familiarity of the wealthy classes with alcohol and drugs in addition to showing how little he cares about others: they move to another level and are only interested in maintaining their privileges, without minding the cost. In this sense, it is quite ingenious when it comes to introducing these moments of criticism since we always have the point of view of the protagonist, someone quite normal as it appears from her presentation.

Along the way, gore moments, the occasional scare of those who lift you from the armchair and especially touches of humor that have brought us the movie and the series of What we do in the shadows, to make a parallel with a recent work with which he shares bad milk and comic style. Watch now the movie to experience how fun it is.

Anyway, given the light tone of the film, asking for a more serious or incisive packaging might be too much, in any case, Samara Weaving has shown a once again, being gifted so that the spectator can empathize with her and, as a hobby, Ready Or Not is a very surprising movie, so we highly recommend it.

Original title Ready or Not
TMDb Rating 6.9 1146 votes

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