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One battle turned the tide of war 2019/11/6 138 min.


"Midway" is a story about a crazy martial arts fighter, and his team of loyal dogs. The movie got it's start as a magazine story in the mid 1980's.

On the cover of the movie a bald eagle holds up a sign that says, "Get over here!" This reference, to the pro-war Marine mascot of World War II, is a big one, because I have seen my share of movies where you think "that looks familiar," only to realize it wasn't the movie at all. There are also references to other things of interest, and to changes in culture and society, but I won't get into those here.

The writer of the book, Larry Lader, came to Midway after serving in the Marines for seven years and was very impressed with the work of the Marines there. It was also during this time that he ran into one of the great ladies of the science fiction and fantasy world, Ursula LeGuin. The two became friends, and LeGuin wrote several articles and book reviews for the Midway magazine.

Both of these women were fans of Sci Fi and Fantasy novels, and went into writing Spy Novels from their experiences in the military. Most of the books were not well liked by readers, but the Midway was very pleased with them, since they paid homage to the army. Another woman, Carol Emshwiller, did three novels under her pen name, which are all very good. The first of these, "The Star Keeper," which was one of the best novels in the series, has now been reprinted and is no longer available.

"Midway" became a very popular series in its second season, when Gene Kelly played the martial arts instructor named "Bruce Lee." I believe that he was the first person to play Bruce Lee in a live action movie.

Another important character is the dog in the book, who is very easy to hate. One of the episodes of the series is called "The Dog", and it doesn't take long to get used to the sadistic tone of the TV show. I have not watched the movie, but I've heard it was pretty good.

The sci fi and fantasy series "Midway" continued in different forms for a while, including a novelization by Robert Silverberg, and then a TV series on Fox. Sadly, there were several episodes that were cut from the series that were really good, so it is no longer available on DVD.

The book "Midway" is now available as a trade paperback. The book is an intriguing, fast-paced read, and is full of great characters and fantastic scenes. While the plots may be familiar, it's great to see a movie like this to come back into circulation, for a new generation.

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