Les Misérables
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Les Misérables (2019)

Les Misérables

2019/11/14 102 min.


We all know the legendary story of the musical film "Les Miserables" about a young soldier's journey to make it in the world. From his daily events and everyday circumstances to the inevitable, no less than his dreams. Being that this is one of the most popularly celebrated stories ever told, it is not surprising that a few other historians have made their own interpretations of the film. Though, there are some common threads that this film shares with other films in its genre.

For starters, the film "Les Miserables" is one of the most famous musical film. Since it was first released in 1964, it has gone on to be one of the best selling musical films. More importantly, it is a staple on many people's lists of great movies. Being in the musical genre can play a big role in being remembered as a classic film, so "Les Miserables" tends to be well recognized as a great film.

The documentaries that highlight this film tend to focus more on the musical scenes and the process by which the story came to be. Of course, the actors have been crucial to the success of this film, and though most of them are considered to be the best of their respective era, they are not the only ones that put in their best work. Each of the main actors that appeared in the film was instrumental in some way. For instance, the lead role of Albert Finney is attributed to Marius Brood, who portrayed the title character in the musical. Also, the other leading roles are said to be based on the different generations of characters that appeared in the film.

The documentaries on this movie tend to include historical footage and interviews with people who had a hand in making the movie a success. With that said, some of the key players in the creation of the movie were Mel Blanc, director of the original musical "Carmen in the Afternoon", Ben Hecht, who won an Oscar for his work in the musical "Happiness", and Paul Lasaine, who was the composer of the original musical "Romeo and Juliet". It is a pretty impressive list of names that went into making the film what it is today.

Other details on this musical movie include the film's use of music, which was almost non-existent at the time. It was still very popular in France, but a lot of the famous composers had moved to America. So this may have contributed to the popularity of the film. Some of the musical songs that were used include the Theme from the movie and "Here I Go Again".

The film also has one of the most elaborate musical setups ever seen in a musical. Characters would act out both the parts of the film and the musical "Ole" from the musical "Falsettos". This huge musical scale was done by the Hungarian company "Premio Gesztirola" and took them over three months to complete.

Another interesting detail is the posters that were created for a French contest for the leading men that was held in the US. The contest was held in 1966 and after winning the first prize, the two contestants that had been chosen were Tony Danza and Francois Duprat. The posters were also designed by some of the most famous artists and photographers in the world at the time, including Vincent De La Rosa, Gilbert Stuart, Paul Despoilers, and Helmut Newton.

There is so much more that can be written about this film. But above all, we can take some pride in knowing that it is an important part of the history of musicals. In the end, though, it is the wonderful characters, the set, the music, and the production that made it the greatest of all time.

Original title Les Misérables
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