Just Mercy
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Just Mercy (2019)

Just Mercy

Every generation has its hero. Meet ours. 2019/12/25 136 min.


Many people seem to be wary of the movie Just Mercy. With all the critiques and distaste for this film that they seem to hear on the media, it is still being widely screened. And when it comes to acting skills, it is far from the worst. Just not as controversial or noir-driven as some other, better-known movies.

Samuel L. Jackson plays a young man, convicted of killing his family's butler who was killed by accident in an accidental shooting. After six years in prison, Jackson is released as a witness against a thief and is ordered to turn state's evidence. With a story that is similar to many crimes, he was sentenced to death. However, he is found innocent by the jury after proving beyond doubt that the execution is cruel and unusual punishment. With no other option left, Jackson decides to disappear and avoid detection.

The movie is centered around a random group of people in a town. They are all a part of the "village", which is the main setting of the movie.

In the beginning of the movie, the villagers in the town seems innocent and not affected by the heinous crime that has been committed. However, as time passes by, things start to change. Several women start to act strangely and drug use by the men starts to increase. Just Mercy is a cautionary tale on the deadly ramifications of alcohol abuse.

The story and the plot of the film is simple and seems like a simple story of an innocent man framed for a horrible crime. Although there were some crime dramas to the series Just Mercy falls on the melodramatic and didactic side of things.

This series of films seem to be inspired by more movies such as "Forrest Gump", "Menace II Society"Menace III: Revenge", "The Last House on the Left"and "A Walk to Remember". Similar movies have been developed for television. A full set of these shows could be a very interesting and informative show, especially when compared to watching the TV series "Just Mercy". The success of the TV series is attributed to Jackson's ability to portray a character with genuine emotions and emotion.

Of the many popular TV shows in the USA, Just Mercy is one of the most well-liked and watched TV series in the American Television Series. It was a major success in Italy and is regarded as one of the best crime dramas ever made. People have reacted to the crime drama in a favorable way, with critics claiming it as the masterpiece of the genre. There are people who feel like it has been overly used as a genre.

The movie Just Mercy is definitely worth watching, especially for those who can't resist looking at Sam Jackson every time he appears on screen. For those who enjoy crime drama and movies, this may be a good choice for them.

Original title Just Mercy
TMDb Rating 8.1 397 votes

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