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Jojo Rabbit (2019)

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An anti-hate satire. 2019/10/18 108 min.


There is a new boy in town and he is a young movie star called Jojo Rabbit, the most famous of all rabbit characters. In the new release, Jojo Rabbit and friends are all exciting to attend the World High School Competition where they can compete to be crowned as the best in the world.

However, an incident involving a wrong name for Jojo creates a huge misunderstanding between the competition's organizers and Jojo, causing many legal loopholes. Now, with only a few days to go, the World High School Competition is ruined as Jojo and his friends are all disqualified. The judge in charge of the competition decides to award the prize money to its prize winner.

Now, it's up to the rest of the Jojo Rabbit family to decide on what to do next. Since they have no official ways of getting the prize money, they need to find an alternative way of getting the prize money. Luckily, there is an extra special web site which will help them find the right web site. However, this web site is not in their official names so they need to get their names changed.

So, they start searching for someone who could possibly help them with the online service of getting the prize money which was created by a lot of the Jojo Rabbit's cousins. Meanwhile, their mother and father decide to help their son with the web site which will help them to place the name of their family on the website. After making sure that the owner of the web site has some accurate information on the product, they start registering their names for the service.

Then, the Jojo Rabbit family decides to put up the online website in order to save their name. It was then when one of their cousins, Bando has a theory that he thinks he has found the best possible means of getting the prize money. The family then have to think of a good name for their web site.

Later, in the movie, Jojo and the rest of the friends are on their way to the World High School Competition. Their ride to the competition is quite bumpy due to a crash involving a truck and a wind. While getting a little injured in their vehicle, the Jojo Rabbit family is finally given the chance to help out in a big way when they stumble upon a salvage yard.

It is here that Jojo and his friends come across an old car with a bunch of scrap which will be the theme of their web site. The rest of the Jojo Rabbit family members come along as well and they manage to pick up their best scrap which is Jojo's favorite TV show. The other members of the family come along with them and the crew plans to rebuild the site at the same place the car was taken from.

The scrap comes together just in time and the viewers of the TV show to enjoy watching Jojo's adventures with the scrap. The Jojo Rabbit's work is done and their scrap is picked up by the crew who rebuilds it and uploads it to their website. The movie ends with the beginning of the new life of the Jojo Rabbit's as their web site is successfully launched and has been able to get the prizes.

Original title Jojo Rabbit
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