It Chapter Two
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It Chapter Two (2019)

It Chapter Two

You'll Float Again 2019/9/4 169 min.


With It: Chapter 2 the horror season continues the very awaited the end of the beloved losers club.

The movie revolves around the lives of The Losers Club members 27 years after the last time that this demoniac clown almost ended their lives, when they were just children. Luckily, they all managed to move on with their lives and become successful adults, however, they will have to return to the home of their traumas to confront Pennywise for the last time. Watch it online to find out how it ends.

Excellent choice in the physique of children and adults, most actors are credible as the adult version of The Losers Club. Actors like James McAvoy may consider the interest he may have in his work, including James developing for the character of Bill the accent of Maine, United States.

In the IT book the clown that comes through fear, the losers club meets at the Jade de Derry restaurant, in the book this scene is not memorable, it is simply the reunion. For It: Chapter 2 in the cinema, this scene is the confession of the club, this is where they will expose what they have done in all these years, 27 to be exact, the acting quality of the cast stands out. The end of the meeting this time has an unexpected turn or twist. In the miniseries, the scene is good, but not at the same level as the film.

While in the first part The Losers Club did not know the terror or the real purpose of this entity. In It: Chapter 2 it will be very clear what Pennywise does with the children and people they capture, we will see both in the past and in the present, the true nature of IT, from which the Club can never recover, but It will also be the spark to end this creature once and for all. Watch online the movie to see what it is.

One of the best elements of this sequel, is how Stephen King's strange world is explored in the novel, the fidelity that this sequel presents to the strange elements that King put in the book is admirable and really will put a smile on the face of those who read the novel.

In It 2 ​​we see how 27 years have passed and those who were once teenagers are now 40 and up, the film explains to the audience the true source of Stephen King's novel, the passage to adulthood, the wounds or the decisions that are taken over the years. This is reflected in this kind of alumni meeting, where everyone wants to see how everything has changed, but also what happened to their life, they achieved what they wanted as teenagers, or on the contrary ending up being time prisoners like Mike, the one who stays in Derry, as a city guardian. It also makes us question what really is success or triumph in life.

You cannot run from the past forever, you must face it. The story is a detailed analysis of childhood and stages of life, as this forges the character of people from an early age and allows them to cope with their entire lives, the club is an example of life itself, of time, the change of seasons, the passing of the years. This message is the one that will prevail for those who watch the film or read the book.

There are a number of romantic situations that occur in the film, and in the first part that goes unnoticed, and that even in this film ends up never being revealed.

Original title It Chapter Two
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