Ip Man 4: The Finale
Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)

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2019/12/19 105 min.


The most recent release in the series of Ip Man, this movie has a little bit of everything. It is a science fiction movie, a comedy, and a thriller. It is also an action packed drama and an action packed comedy.

Ip Man is an actor who is paid to appear in many films and in many settings. He was a street hustler in his youth and has worked his way up in the film industry. He used to deal drugs and be quite aggressive with all of his confrontations. He came into a Los Angeles studio in the last movie, The Hunter, and started a new career as a director and lead actor.

When he arrived at the Ip Man Film Studio, he went up to the head of the house, Dai, and told him that he was there to make a film. He then asked him how much money he wanted and what genre of film he wanted it to be in. He then told him he would pay him and then let him know when the film was complete.

Soon after, he put up his movie machine and showed them the script he had and said that it was about an Ip Man. As they watched the film, the head of the studio said, "Who's an Ip Man?" and the film was completed.

This movie showed Ip Man's philosophy and personality, and Ip Man became a father figure to the young and the old alike. Many in Hollywood took notice of Ip Man's working style and then decided to hire him to work on a sequel called Ip Man 4: The Final Chapter.

In the film, Ip Man (now played by Woody Harrelson) and the Ip Man Gang go up against a dangerous villain named Q.Q (played by Aaron Eckhart). However, the villain was able to convince them that they were the only ones who could defeat him. With the help of Q.Q, they are able to escape.

When this film was completed, it was given to the Ip Man Gang who quickly decided to break into the studio. They broke into the studio in order to steal all of the old guns from it. They also stole all of the old equipment from the studio. After stealing all of the guns, equipment, and the old film, they set out to rob the bank that the studio was banking on, however, they were caught in the act by the head of the studio and was forced to hide the weapons and everything else.

In the movie, Ip Man was now the director of the film and he decided to call in the police. He and the police chased the Ip Man Gang for miles. It wasn't until an animal attacked an LAPD cop that the two sides were able to stop.

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