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Hustlers (2019)


2019/9/12 107 min.


Sitting in front of a journalist, Destiny (Constance Wu) recalls that shortly before the financial crisis of 2008 there were no better clients for dancers like her than the stockbrokers and bankers of Wall Street.

At least if they could reach a place in the most important salons of the strip bar where she worked, something she achieved thanks to the mentoring of Ramona (Jennifer Lopez). Working together they achieved the economic stability that Destiny had never known, but above all she managed to forge a bond of friendship and companionship with all her companions that she did not think possible before. A friendship that with Ramona immediately went beyond work during that time when money ceased to be a concern for both of them and they were able to achieve everything they aspired to.

But as the interviewer's questions anticipate, the good times did not last. The fall of the financial system also dragged them and again they were barely surviving.

Tired of paying for the mistakes of others and desperate for the money that allows them to live the life they want for their daughters, they initiate a plan to defraud some of their former clients who nevertheless suffered no consequences for their murky handling. Watch online the movie and discover how this dangerous combination ends up.

To say that Hustlers is a crime story, or even the world of strippers, would be to fall short. As much as that is the basis of this movie, build on that two interesting and faceted protagonists, each with their conflicts to be resolved.

With those two central characters surrounded by a handful of high schools that are not only ornate, he delves into a plot of brotherhood between people who may be different but have to face a world that attacks them in the same way. Without idealizing the life of the night or romanticizing the crime, the director manages to empathize with the characters she proposes, moving in a continuum of grays to at the same time criticize and justify some of her actions, but above all to put her reality in her context and thus understand it.

Because only by truly understanding what you are talking about can the duality of the life you lead be reflected so strongly, both before and after becoming Hustlers, a part of the story that feels more like your fall than your triumph, the moment where reality tests everything they were and do not stop very well.

Taking it out of the context of strip bars, it is still a story about the hardships of a working class who sees fortunes pass but barely receives some crumbs if he agrees to remain in a place of servitude, always on the verge of humiliation where symbolic violence It's an everyday thing.

In addition to the plot solidity already established from the script, the agility with which the plot progresses over more than a specific period of time is supported by a dynamic montage that does not over-explain what it narrates or resort to long dialogues when You can avoid it, preferring to use the image to say what you intend. An image that does not fall in the common places that movies centered in this world usually have: although half the time there is a half-naked woman on the scene, she is only sexualized when the character tries to, disappearing when she stops being fundamental. And that does not prevent that there is beauty in that cast of high schools that completes the story, but in an industry where running the hegemonic canons seems to be a risk that nobody wants to run, the diversity of that group and the naturalness with which they are inserted in Scene is something that deserves to be highlighted.

Surely it has to do with this look not only its director: a good part of the team leaders who produced this film are also women with the will to break that established code and speak from inside of something they understand, printing an intimacy and warmth to the relationships between them that is the most interesting thing you have to show Hustlers. Something that often fails movies that claim to tell such stories, believing that it is enough to put a female cast in front of the camera to be considered progressive or feminist. Watch now the movie and judge by yourself.

Original title Hustlers
TMDb Rating 6.3 1224 votes

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