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G.I Joe: Retaliation features a character named Akimbo, which stands for the Greek word "akmos", which means "one arm". It is interesting to note that the writers for this particular movie chose this word in their script since it was used in the movies of this specific television series.

The series has always had a lot of fan following from its very first installment to its recent movie. This is because the world of the series is full of action and excitement, and it is the eye-candy that attracts the interest of these fans. The writers of the movie have apparently done what they could to follow this genre.

Although this anime series is based on the Japanese-made comics created by Archie Goodwin, the movie will certainly appeal to the audience of American viewers, especially the children. Therefore, this will probably become one of the most sought after movie tickets among children in the near future.

The story in the movie is a fictional and real-life story about Akimbo (Pierce Gagnon), who has the power to control two at the same time. It is said that his two heroes, Wildfire (Nicolas Cage) and Black Dagger (Brandon Routh) would become the cause of many battles between the Akimbo and his enemies. However, at the end of the movie, Akimbo decides to leave his family to live a life on his own, only to find out that he can have what he wants only by killing the person he loves most.

Although this movie has already been released, yet the viewers are still unable to judge its success or failure. In fact, most viewers are left guessing whether this movie would be as popular as the first installment, which was also released in 1998.

The serie has several sequels in which the enemies are also very different than in the first series. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for kids as the violence was toned down a little. Although some kids did enjoy watching it, it is also considered inappropriate for kids.

Akimbo himself is an original character in the television series. Unlike the movie version, the story with Akimbo in the television series has been left for a later time. This version will definitely be a bit different from the other movie version, which is set in the live action of the animated series.

Moreover, the Akimbo version in the serie is more reliable than the cartoon version in the TV series. It can be easily adapted in the film, since the story is in line with the anime plot.

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