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F#*@BOIS (2019)


Fame is a constant effort 2019/8/2 N/A min.


In the Movie "Les Miserables" there was an old man who had a dream and he got his wish of being a Harlequin. To help him in the fulfilling of his dream, he presented him a ticket which has the name F#*@BOIS on it. It's a real charmer and the story is good too. But what does F#*@BOIS have to do with snooker?

Snooker is a sport which is the main attraction for all those people who love playing and watching sport. If you are a snooker enthusiast then you might want to watch the movie as soon as possible. It's the best way to kill your boredom. Snooker is a sport which involves kicking a ball across the pool and the best ones play with pure skill and technique. Many top world players are simply called superstars because they have unbelievable skills.

In the movie's trailer, a famous snooker player said that he has two dreams which include becoming a world champion and finding a man called F#*@BOIS. He said that the owner of the ticket has to fulfil these dreams. This is the main reason why snooker was introduced into the movie.

If you ask me, I think that Snooker will be very interesting to watch. And one of the reasons why I like snooker is that its sport is not only very simple but very fast too.

Snooker is very similar to Tete-a-tete but with one difference. It has both hands and no teepad.

One of the famous person is played by a famous actor Tom Hanks. It is said that the bad guy in the movie is named Champagne. He is also a big snooker player.

Snooker is a good game and everyone should try it once in their life. I'm sure that you will learn something from it. Snooker is not that hard to learn.

With snooker in mind, I bet that you will definitely buy a movie ticket. My suggestion is that you could watch the movie online.

Original title F#*@BOIS
TMDb Rating 9.3 5 votes

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