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Frozen II (2019)

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The past is not what it seems. 2019/11/20 104 min.


The second of the three Frozen movies was released and it did not disappoint. This movie is a sequel to the original Frozen, so it shares many characters and events. So, let's check out the rating and enjoy this movie!

The movie tells about Princess Anna and her sister Elsa's role in the Royal family of Arendelle. After Anna was captured by trolls in the mountain, she was given magic powers and she loved by her sister Elsa. Elsa met an accident that makes her invisible, but she and Anna are found by trolls who changed both of them.

When Elsa was asked to help Anna and troll rescue her sister from imprisonment, she offers a portal to another realm for them to escape. But, after successfully rescued Anna, they found themselves in the place where trolls were again corrupted and they will burn everyone who is there, including them. Anna realized that she cannot do anything but stand with her sister while everything in her kingdom is being destroyed. Thus, they are chased by trolls into their own forest. There, Anna says goodbye to her sister and they finally realize that she is helpless in face of this.

By then, it is already late night in the kingdom of Corona. In order to defeat the trolls and save Anna, a person must go to the Ice Palace where the guardians are gathered. Anna needs help in order to get inside the Ice Palace and to reunite with her sister. Meanwhile, Kristoff and Sven wish to go with Anna and Hans offers Kristoff and Sven to take Anna in his ship, which is passing the river.

As you know, the movie is well-written and very entertaining. Besides, the songs of this movie will make you really cry while watching it. Moreover, the famous theme song of this movie, "Let It Go" will be the best song you've ever heard in your life.

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Original title Frozen II
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