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Fear is the most dangerous power 2019/12/6 99 min.


Available since December 13th in some streaming services in Brazil, Code 8 is a smart action / science fiction film that was initially conceived as a 16-minute short film, funded through Kickstarter and other platforms. crowdfunding. Due to the praise, the screenwriters Jeff Chan and Chris Paré managed to transform the project into a feature film that features a good part of the short cast. Although the result is not as impressive as the short film, Code 8 is a competent film that opens up possibilities for the creation of a very interesting universe, watch now the movie and enjoy.

In the Code 8 plot, we are introduced to a planet Earth where 5% of its population has superhuman powers like telepathy, super strength, the ability to conduct electricity, fire or even healing skills. At first, these superhumans fit into society without any major problems, leading the world to an era of prosperity. Especially in the USA, they found a municipality called Lincoln City, which becomes the most developed in the nation. However, a wave of prejudice begins to plague society and superhumans are replaced by machines and robots, ending up marginalized. There is also an epidemic of consumption of Psike, a drug made from the liquid in the marrow of mutants. It is in this context that Connor Reed lives. A handyman, Connor struggles to help his mother live a dignified life, as she too has powers and is suffering from cancer. When he becomes unemployed, Connor joins a gang of super beings and together they commit a series of crimes around the city, attracting the attention of a police officer and his partner.

The script by Jeff Chan and Chris Paré establishes the context of the film very well. Through a great and well-drawn sequence of initial credits, the entire timeline of events since the emergence of superhumans is presented to the viewer. Everything is done based on news from newscasts, clippings from documentaries and special programs, interviews… Even though it is an exhibition artifice, the way it is done arouses the interest of those who watch it and also establishes some very interesting parallels with our current society, mainly with regard to prejudice and oppression of minorities, in addition to all the economic and ideological issues that are in evidence today in the world. Another positive point of the script is that all of this is established in a natural way, without appearing pamphlet or forced. However, at a certain point in the film, there is a turning point that ends up making it a little more common, as the film goes from being a science fiction to becoming an assault film. It is evident that this turn is much more due to budgetary limitations than the intention of the writers, but it is not absurd, you watch online the film to evaluate for yourself whether if it's worth the pane or not.

Chan is a very competent director, especially in the action scenes. However, as stated in the previous paragraph, budgetary limitations end up locking the director in to a basic one, even if very well executed. He plays very well with the film's simple special effects and uses creative camera solutions when police robots are on the scene. In fact, the design of these robots is very beautiful and somewhat reminiscent of the robot from I Am Mother, produced by Netflix. The cast, whose most famous faces are Sung Kang (the Han of some Fast and Furious), cousins ​​Stephen and Robbie Amell (respectively the Green Arrow of Arrow and Nuclear of The Flash) defend their roles very well, but without delivering any memorable performances.

Anyway, with all this interesting world that was well presented, it is not surprising that Code 8 gains its own universe. Recently there was news that a streaming network intends to develop a series with the characters of the film, continuing the events presented in the film and still presenting other characters that would have their own plots in other series set in this alternative world. We will see how the ambitious plans will unfold.

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