Charlie's Angels
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Charlie's Angels (2019)

Charlie's Angels

Unseen. Undivided. Unstoppable. 2019/11/14 118 min.


This nth return of the classic franchise bets in principle for a welcome "face wash" not only with respect to the original series of the period 1976-1981 but also in relation to the various films that later took advantage of the formula.

Here, this time we don't only have a female team, but the feminist power gets more present with a female screenwriter and female director (the renowned actress Elizabeth Banks in her second raid behind the camera after More Perfect Notes), twenty-year-old protagonists such as Londoners Ella Balinska (23) and Naomi Scott (26) and Californian Kristen Stewart (29), a millennial spirit and a clear feminist consciousness.

The new Charlie's Angels should be on fire, however, the critics have another story to tell, and also the box office has not been as kind as the producers thought it would be, so it's up to you to decide if it's worth the money it cost to make the remake, so watch it now to get your own conclusions.

In that sense, Banks undertakes the right fight in the current Hollywood context but sadly appealing to the wrong weapons. In principle, because in its search for female empowerment falls in each and every one of the clichés of the "Girl Power".

In the film, each demonstration of power and independence, each appeal to aspirational discourse and each exaltation of the protagonists' self-confidence are obvious, underlined and, in short, uninteresting, it is not good when this kind of things are made too obvious and forced in any movie.

It seems as if the screenwriter and director had been given free access in this field and, instead of working on these current issues with humor, irony, and self-confidence, which is what we know this franchise for, she had decided to make a declaration of principles. So it is that there is not a single moderately attractive male character in the two hours of narration. A sort of the reverse of that macho cinema that for so long pigeonholed the woman to pure stereotype.

The film pretends to be cool, progress, modern, youthful and only manages to be so in very few passages, but in many others, it actually feels a bit sexist and outdated, not everything ages well, even though you put all your efforts in modernizing it. It is as if the girls were often posing for the poster and, thus, the story lacks in too many passages of fluidity, consistency, elegance, and ability to both provoke and entertain, for a movie of Charlie's Angels, this is very sad, so much potential wasted. Watch it online to see for yourself.

There is a McGuffin, there are generational conflicts, and something that the James Bond saga has imposed: the “tourist” adventure cinema with scenes that take place in Los Angeles, but also in Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Hamburg, Berlin, and other cities.

In several passages (including post title images) there are constant tributes to different actresses who went through the saga. It is a kind of evocation and vindication of the successive contributions that Charlie's Angels made to consolidate the place of women within the genre of action. A valuable gesture, but also a bit forced. Let's celebrate these times of Time's Up and MeToo with many movies, but if possible with better resources and results than Elizabeth Banks.

Original title Charlie's Angels
TMDb Rating 6.5 892 votes

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