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Bombshell (2019)


Based on a Real Scandal 2019/12/13 108 min.


People who love historical re-enactment groups, may not be aware of a recent TV movie about the life of Queen Elizabeth I. One of the most unique things about this movie is that it is all about a Seria (or "Bombast"), not the Queen herself. The Seria was an important character in history and became one of the greatest spies and assassins in Europe during the English civil war. Although most of what is written about her in her time is taken out of context, there are a few facts that are very clear about her.

The story is about the way in which the women of Europe played an important player in the conflict that was being fought between those who wanted to bring down the English crown and those who wanted to remain loyal to the British monarchy. The queen did not take part in the war and stayed in London. The war ended in one of the most significant victories for either side and the queen retired to her country home. In fact, in her retirement, she was seen as a religious figure in England by many of the upper class ladies who lived in her country.

Many women in England did not like the idea of a woman taking part in the war. This went against what the church believed and the religious conservatives in the country tried to force the queen to stay away from battle. The problem for them was that the queen was not of royal blood and they considered her as an enemy. Because of this the queen decided to stay and fight to keep her position as she became a famous known to everyone. For the next fifteen years, she tried to stay out of the action and get away from a major battle between the two factions in the country.

In 1560, the Seria was given a mission by King Henry VIII to kill Elizabeth. She was told that if she did not carry out this mission, she would not be allowed to stay in England. She felt that this was wrong but decided to carry out the orders of the king because it was the only way that the country would remain standing.

The Seria was not in the position to know exactly what this mission entailed. The king and some of his advisors had her captured and imprisoned. They took her out into the country and even went so far as to make her marry a man. When the king realised what she was doing, he was furious and made it clear that the queen would be killed if she did not marry him.

After all this, the queen and the Seria agreed to go into hiding together. The Seria was not known in England, so it was not possible for her to continue with her mission. This made her feel quite desperate and she began to tell some of her most intimate secrets. She admitted to killing anyone who attempted to rape her and also made clear that she had not been truthful in the past.

The queen was never caught, but in order to keep the royal court safe, her royal guards were to murder anyone who knew anything about her. However, when she was caught, her guards tried to escape while the queen's bodyguards were trying to kill her. It was the assassins of the king who stopped her and this was how the real story came to be.

The ABCS story of the Seria can now be seen on one of the many DVD's that are available. There are many versions of the story, which range from becoming part of the Queen's guard, leading a failed revolt and betraying the queen. The movie is very cleverly edited, so that viewers can see a real Queen Elizabeth and hear her voice when she was alive. The one downside to watching the movie online is that you cannot actually see the Seria herself, but it is easy to imagine her in different poses.

Original title Bombshell
TMDb Rating 6.8 622 votes

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