Angel Has Fallen
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Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Angel Has Fallen

Loyalty is under fire 2019/8/21 122 min.


Angel Has Fallen is one of those clumsy sequels that are born with the sole objective of continuing to stretch without stretch a plot that could well have been parked years ago with previous deliveries. We could talk about the closure of a trilogy or just one more sequel within the Fallen franchise.

The saga opened by the big door with Antoine Fuqua in the direction. Annoying to ensure that the beginning had a seal of a versatile director who knows how to give his feature films a minimum of quality. However, deliveries have been increasingly falling into blockbuster production dynamics.

That is, the products are born prefabricated even before going through the script or management room with established guidelines to ensure certain profits that cover expenses and deliveries can continue. The wheel that is at its best in today's Hollywood. If you don't believe us, watch it now.

Ric Roman Waugh composes a feature-length feature film, empty, that is supported, or intended to be supported, in the solid interpretations of its protagonists; Gerard Butler, in his usual performance of Mike Banning and Morgan Freeman in the role of President of the United States. However, the star of the function has been the incorporation of Nick Nolte to the cast. Giving life to a retired Vietnam who refreshes the seriousness of the film with a few short strokes of humor that make him feel great. The chemistry he has with Butler, in addition, gives the plot some dynamism and diversity.

Roman Waugh's film seeks to show the obsession that Americans have for war. It seems to be the quick and direct solution they come to solve any type of controversy. Destroying the lives of hundreds and thousands of its citizens by sending their soldiers to kill the front they touch. War is one of the hallmarks of the United States.

It was born as a result of military conflicts and has been forged as a power based on them. Angel Has Fallen It is built through the sequels that various wars left in their characters: some have become addicted to it because of the adrenaline that runs inside them every time they wield a weapon. Others have renounced their life for the traumas of Vietnam, which is very present during the second measure of the film with the character of Nolte.

That contrasts with the government wanting to put aside militarism in their country to explore other ways to grow and establish dialogues with the world, while others go out of their way to want to maintain that modus operandi that gives millions for weapons.

It is shown in the action sequences that Angel Has Fallen has a luxurious budget, watch it online to be impressed. Those scenes are dynamic, frantic and the best of the feature film. It is here that, at least, the film finds its space and grows. Although Gerard Butler is already in his fifties, he still knows how to create a show.

It is possible that the chosen plans and the extremely chopped assembly sometimes make it difficult to see in all its splendor the choreographies of the close combat or the close shootings with short guns - there is more influence from Chad Stahelski or David Leitch. But the result remains, in this respect, more than satisfactory.

The problem of Angel Has Fallen, is his lazy script, which constantly falls into clichés. Each sequence oozes a lack of originality on all four sides.

In general, Angel Has Fallen is ideal for summer. It's a pity that this pseudo-closure simply remains as something right and does not dare to want to find a more epic ending and prefer to remain in monotony.


Original title Angel Has Fallen
TMDb Rating 6.1 1312 votes

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