An Officer and a Spy
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An Officer and a Spy (2019)

An Officer and a Spy

2019/9/30 132 min.


It is the theme of an Officer and a Spy that got the most people talking. This movie is a crime drama about a super detective, a lawyer, and a criminal who cross paths in a criminal profiling show, making life very difficult for these three characters. The movie centers on the troubles both men face with each other, while working together.

The movie stars Seth Rogen as Detective Jim Carrey, Tim Robbins as Agent Carter (the former CIA agent), and Owen Wilson as FBI Agent Billy Darden. No one can deny that it is a comedy movie with a great plot and this will be due to the cast. Even though the main theme of the movie is a criminal profiling show and personal conflicts of the three characters, no one can say that the movie lacks any action scenes.

The movie is a great comedy for all ages since it has a good message about family values. There are some who are quite immature about this movie. You can take it as a joke to their parents and others.

In a movie where the main character is a super cop and a lawyer, the word is the greatest detective of his time takes the role of a country lawyer. Both characters are a team with the same goals in life and they both want to help out their fellow man. This movie does not rely on any superpower for the success of their mission. That is what makes the movie so good.

Each character in the movie gets plenty of screen time and we get to see some more from the world of crime. This movie is made to provide as much of a variety as possible. It gives us a lot of comedy and it gives us a lot of action and thrill.

The movie is also known for the superb performances from the main actors in the movie. Owen Wilson does a good job in the role of Agent Darden and the rest of the cast is good at providing enough humor. Even though the movie has only been released in a short period of time, many people have already seen the movie and they loved it.

The movie gets good reviews because of the storyline and the interesting characters. No one can say that this movie is not good in any way. The humor is great and the action scenes are fantastic.

People should watch this movie. It is a funny movie that is made very well. No one will doubt the quality of the movie because of the performance from the actors in the movie. The plot and the acting are two great elements that make this movie a great movie for everyone to watch.

Original title J’accuse
TMDb Rating 7.2 446 votes

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