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Abominable (2019)


Find your way home. 2019/9/19 92 min.


When talking about DreamWorks Animation, we certainly have to refer to several of its greatest cinematographic works: Shrek, Madagascar, How to train your dragon, Kung-Fu Panda, Megamind, among many others. These, due to their great visual quality (taking into account the moment in which they come to light), an endearing story and extremely charismatic characters, have earned it to be placed in a special place within the heart of moviegoers.

That is why when a new story of the company is announced, everyone turns their eyes and look forward to receiving a pleasant surprise. Something very similar happened with Abominable, a film that since its announcement provoked high expectations, since bringing together a legendary creature with a clearly familiar message was an immediate blockbuster, watch it now and see how it ends.

Like every great adventure, ours begins with the introduction of Yi, a teenager who lives in the huge city of Shanghai, China. One day, while performing the routine of her life wishing to find the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, she finds a young Yeti on the roof of her building.

The supposedly abominable creature, which has escaped from the laboratory in which it was locked and was the target of bloody experiments, is being searched throughout the city. Together with his ingenious friends Jin and Peng, our heroine decides to help him flee, they affectionately baptize him as Everest so our four main actors embark on an epic adventure to reunite the mythical creature with his family on the highest peak in the world.

Worthy of an animation studio of such magnitude, the visuals are finely cared for, they do not disappoint except in a few moments, but it is thanks to their magnificent aesthetics and splendor to represent landscapes worthy of being part of some Renaissance painting that is the right touch to wonder who sees it, and is that from the busy alleyways and avenues of Shanghai, through the wonderful forests and countryside plains, reaching the icy Himalayan mountain range, each aspect creates an experiential experience, moving without inconvenience to the place in the action unfolds.

In addition, everything is beautifully accompanied by a score full of fine and elegant arrangements that evoke pure nostalgia and sentimentality, raising the sensations and senses of the viewer, in that section, everything fits as it should be and is specially treated to decorate the little ones from home because the musical section will put them to dance and sing.

As if that wasn't enough, we find a magical and mythical creature, the Yeti, as the central axis, who on this occasion is represented by a playful, smiling character with overwhelming bulging eyes that will reflect the most intimate emotions of his heart, something that stands out for the work done in detail by the study, because Everest is the ideal icon for children to feel identified and excited to undertake such a trip.

Charisma, warmth, and entertainment is what accompanies these characters, because, like our dear Yeti, the character of Yi demonstrates her power and leadership, being an ideal female personality construction for the time in which we live, being as such an example for the younger generations, since her tireless yearning to fulfill her dreams, will lead her to perform admirable heroic acts. In the end, friendship and love manage to break down any barrier: and here the message is clear, with conviction and determination to help our neighbors, anything is possible.

On the other hand, Jin and Peng are the perfect balance between the intrepid adventure with the rationale required to make the right decisions, which will put our heroes in trouble, although the fun and less expected way to go out is always forward.

Although the animation and the characters find a perfect balance for the audience, the simplicity of their plot and development, coupled with the little internal exploration of each of the characters, will, unfortunately, be worth falling into immediate oblivion, and they are not used to the maximum the resources available to the direction composed by Jill Culton and Todd Wilderman, the power of the message and the adventure to fall into a monotony and the repetitiveness of the seen is wasted, since in the end it remains as an experience that we have revisited on more than one occasion, but watch it now to find out for yourself.

Original title Abominable
TMDb Rating 7.2 597 votes

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