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Time is the enemy 2019/12/25 119 min.


1917 is a high paced and colorful film that takes you to another time and another place. This is a classic tale of World War I where the French army is winning against Germany but then they surrender. The US then occupies France and everything comes to a head in a spectacular fashion.

There are many beautiful and powerful scenes in this movie that viewers of all ages will enjoy. You see Napoleon in his bed (sleeping) and then he is taken away by the Americans.

You will also be amazed at the photography that is used for the silent movies that are as good as it gets today. If you don't like the sight of feathers, you will never get tired of the close ups of the birds and the feathers.

You have many star studded actors in this movie. They make it a must see movie. You may be lucky enough to be in the theater with them when they take off in one of the airplanes.

When you watch this movie you will probably start thinking of your friends that were in the same war. There are some scenes that you will not forget because you are very familiar with them.

Perhaps, you will also remember the places that you went to during your tours of duty and where you experienced your favorite battles. In addition, there are a lot of eye catching stunts that the characters perform throughout the movie. These include something as simple as an attempt at jumping from a helicopter.

If you are wondering about the fact that this is an "online movie", it is not a real one but a video. The movie maker cannot legally show a real copy of the movie to the public, so the only way you will see it is if you go to the online site that shows this movie.

The French part of the film is amazing. It is very accurate of the Paris of the early 1920's.

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