Mission: Impossible - Fallout
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Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Some Missions Are Not A Choice 2018/7/13 148 min.


"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" is a fourth installment of the movie series. In the movie, Tom Cruise plays the role of Ethan Hunt. The movie depicts the missions of Tom Cruise and his colleagues during the first four movies of the movie franchise. In the movie, Ethan is tasked to defend his country from the remnants of the NSA and a group of terrorists.

The story of the movie is somewhat similar to the Mission: Impossible story. However, Ethan's challenges in this movie are quite different since he is playing the role of a United States Senator.

The main characters in the Mission: Impossible - Fallout movie is American Defense Secretary Robert Gates and British Secret Service agent John Hannah. The movie also features John Goodman as his bodyguard.

The main villain in the movie is James MacKenzie and his assistant, Todd Hastings. They are plotting to assassinate Ethan Hunt. The plot is obviously orchestrated by Hastings who is blackmailing Gates to kill Ethan.

Hannah is the one who teaches Ethan how to be an undercover agent. He is going to get his revenge on Thomas Farrell and his partner, James Price. Hastings planned to put a bullet in Ethan's head when he was out to do some undercover missions.

Cain and Brody are the main protagonists of the movie. Their stories are equally interesting. Cain, as the son of an American lawmaker, is out to find his father who was killed in the first Mission: Impossible movie. Brody, as the former FBI agent, is now an undercover agent and trying to earn a little money to pay his bills.

The movie has been released in 3 versions. The DVD and the two-disc Special Edition are available. The DVD features the English dubbed version of the movie with the same number of features as the Special Edition. It is also not released with the Mission: Impossible III blu-ray edition because the director preferred to keep it away from the Blu-ray release.

The movie of Mission: Impossible - Fallout is not really a good movie. It is certainly not a good movie for people who like a good action-adventure movie. But if you are looking for a good spy movie, then it is the best one available.

Original title Mission: Impossible - Fallout
TMDb Rating 7.3 4788 votes

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