Avengers: Infinity War
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Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers: Infinity War

An entire universe. Once and for all. 2018/4/25 149 min.


The Avengers is a high-profile comic book film franchise, with the main storyline spanning several decades and requiring several movies to complete. This has led to many fans speculating that the actual project of the next movie is The Avengers: Infinity War. With two major superhero movies out there and four movies in production, it is easy to assume that the film series will continue to see sequels and spinoffs for a while to come.

The Avengers: Infinity War was mentioned in a report from the Comic Book Movie Monitor. According to the report, the film is being written by James Gunn, who wrote the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Though, since the Guardians were well-received, one can still assume that the writer is more inclined to focus on Guardians of the Galaxy movies than on movies of the Avengers.

When it comes to the actual plot of the movie, there is no official confirmation from Marvel. Although, there are several possible endings which have been floated, but there is also no specific direction in terms of storyline and characters. At the moment, there are only rumors floating around the Internet that include some possible details about the movie. For example, a rumour mentioned that the villain Thanos would be featured in the movie.

The rumor itself will still need further verification before being verified as true. It is very likely that Thanos' presence in the movie is due to a mix-up, or else a marketing stunt to impress fan base. It is also quite likely that the character has been created specifically for the movie.

In the comic books, Thanos is a Dark Aether being, a being of inconceivable power who invaded Earth and defeated the Avengers. He has since become the ruler of the universe and is currently gathering a massive army. Furthermore, he has already defeated half of the Avengers and he will be an impossible foe to beat.

There are also rumors suggesting that Thanos' new roster includes the Infinity Stones, powerful gems that are said to be "gods" to him. With the Infinity Stones, he has limitless power. He will use this power to subjugate the rest of the world, kill the Avengers, and then build his own kingdom.

Other speculations regarding the movie include whether or not Ronan the Accuser will take the Cosmic Cube. This will be a very important point in the movie, as if Ronan does not have the Cube, Thanos can easily gather his entire army to him and rule over Earth, thus taking over the universe. As such, it will be extremely difficult for Ronan to capture the Cube.

With the rumored details, it is highly likely that the movie series will continue to be re-released for several years to come. Although, it is unlikely that the movie will be based on the Infinity Stones, as it seems that it will be centered on Thanos. The Avengers: Infinity War movie will be released at the end of this year.

Original title Avengers: Infinity War
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