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Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

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For one world to live, the other must die. 2017/6/16 154 min.


The Transformers: The Last Knight review that is going to be published here today is about the English dub of the movie. I was very excited about the movie and it's producers, director and screenwriter, Michael Bay. I enjoyed it a lot and was not disappointed at all. The movie definitely doesn't disappoint and in fact, is quite a remarkable film.

The movie has received rave reviews and like any movie, it has mixed reviews from critics as well. So, you might be wondering whether the online movie reviews are good or bad? Personally, I was not really bothered by these online reviews because I know that most of them are based on general interest. No doubt there are some angry movie reviewers who get triggered by the results of the online surveys to express their animosity on the movie and its producers, filmmakers and even star Michael Bay.

However, I didn't get interested in this movie because of the Transformers franchise and it's makers. I watched the first Transformers movie and loved it and was expecting to watch the sequel. This movie turned out to be a huge disappointment for me as it was nothing like the first one.

The series was long established and as such, it was written into the story and that's how the movies were created. Now we have sequels as well and movies following these and they are excellent as well.

What struck me as I watched the movie was that it felt very similar to the first movie as it revolved around the plot of the Master Builder (played by Lee Pace) whose voice is provided by Mark Wahlberg. His dialogue is funny and entertaining, so he gets a lot of laughs out of the movie. He tells us everything that is wrong with our world and what they should do to fix it, so he tells it all in the movie.

As for the robots, we have Jeff Bridges as Dave Althaus and Halle Berry as Megatron. Althaus is a highly intelligent genius but also very irritating. In fact, he never holds back on anything and yet he can still make everyone laugh.

Halle is back as Starscream and she is called Silverbolt. She is the leader of the Decepticons and is out for revenge and she speaks like she has a speech impediment. She also fights like a furious bull. Overall, she is a great villain in the movie and definitely the most interesting character.

The trailer really had me glued to the movie as it was exciting and as I remembered the series. My only complaint is that I wished they would have called Ed Skrein to play Bumblebee and have him as the lead instead of having to try and shoehorn Anthony Hopkins into the role.

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