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Some things were never meant to be controlled. 2017/10/13 109 min.


Movie Review: "Geostorm" is the latest action drama from the makers of "Terminator Genisys." The film is the fourth film in the series and focuses on a future where humanity has been forced to leave the Earth due to a nuclear war, leaving behind only a few hundred survivors.

These survivors become the targets of a lone assassin called the Ghost, who is hunting down and attempting to use a new super weapon. When one of the survivors proves the Ghost wrong and destroys his craft, he is brought to justice and with the help of the ones he left behind, manages to escape and finds himself being hunted once again. As he drifts further away from civilization, a piece of him comes back and becomes part of a group of resistance fighters.

In Movie Review: "Ant-Man" the last film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character of Scott Lang is revealed to be the main character after it was revealed that Hank Pym had developed a plan to revive the Marvel comic hero known as the Ant-Man. In this movie, we find out that it was Pym who had originally created the Pym Particles, which allowed the character of Ant-Man to be born.

In Movie Review: "Ant-Man" the film has the role of Darren Cross, played by the incredible Paul Rudd. Cross works as a technician for the military of his home country, which happens to be a part of America, but a mysterious force is keeping him on their ship.

Uncovers that he is a space marine, who has been tasked with transporting data from planet to planet, which is vital to maintaining the order of things, which in turn makes him a prime target. While his mission seems to be going perfectly, there are things that he must do and a little something is getting in the way of him achieving his goal.

The film takes place on a spaceship and as the story unfolds, the characters come closer to Ant-Man, who has his own set of problems, as well. Not until the final moments of the film, when the fight between Scott Lang and Darren Cross is close enough, that it is only a matter of time before the ship crash lands, does the film really close for the night.

The film definitely is an action packed film that takes on a more realistic and dramatic feel than any other in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The performances are fantastic throughout and the battles are a very fun ride as you watch the characters and their new found abilities go head to head in a battle of the fittest.

Overall, I would say that, "Geostorm" is another fantastic installment of the Marvel series and a worthy addition to the ongoing story line with "Ant-Man". Whether you have seen the previous movies or not, you will definitely enjoy this one as a whole and will be pleased that a movie featuring Ant-Man has finally been released, since we have been waiting for this one for so long.

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