Your Name.
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Your Name. (2016)

Your Name.

2016/8/26 106 min.


Does your name sound like "Doris", "Robin", "Ryan"Ruth"? You might be a person whose name seems to have no basis in the English language and certainly, yours is not the only name that has appeared in an episode of a popular TV serie. There are many famous people whose names seem to belong to them and this is not necessarily a big surprise because the reality is that names are something we associate with a particular person. If we look for people named 'Travis', it is quite likely that we will come across someone with that name.

It might even be argued that movie characters often think of their names and this might be true if you have been watching a lot of movies. This could explain why some people seem to have names that are close to their own and also the names of famous persons. However, there are a lot of ways you can use to find out whether or not your name is close to one of the names of someone famous. For example, your name could well be "Jason" and you might have a big role in a new movie being made and you will be trying to get yourself cast as the character and for this reason, you might want to be sure that you know how your name is spelled.

Another way you can see if your name is close to one of the famous ones is to check your family tree. One of the big advantages of a movie series is that they keep revising it to give you newer characters and your name might well be close to a character with the same name. The same goes for TV series, which happen to be popular. It does not mean you will get a call for a part, but you might get a call to audition for the role.

Famous names are not all the same but one of the most popular is "Doris". In a recent Sherlock series episode, Moriarty was killed and his name was changed to "Jason" and you might well be surprised that your name is close to the character. "Beverley" is another name that has been changed and this is quite common these days especially in movies. "Ryan" is a popular name as well and you might well find that your name is close to that of your favourite actor or actress if you have been watching a lot of TV series lately.

In a recently broadcast episode of Supernatural, Dean was shot and the screen said his name and his family have been visiting him since that day and you might wonder if his name is close to "Dean". He has the same name and you might be surprised to find out that you are "Jason" or that "Ryan" is something that you want to be. You could even wonder if your name is close to a character played by your favorite actor in a movie. There are many ways to find out whether your name is close to any of these famous names.

Do you recall someone in a movie named "Travis"? Did you know that a lot of actors' names may be close to theirs and you could even know about "Ryan"? There are many names that are close to famous ones and it is very easy to find out who has a particular name.

If you are still having problems remembering your name, just do a search for yourself on Google or other search engines and you will find a number of results. Some of these names are good and others are not so good, but the fact is that you could get your name mixed up with someone's name and be glad that you found out that you have a connection to someone famous.

There are quite a number of sites that you can visit that will let you enter your name and be shown all of the results and you will then be able to click on each name and see if your name is close to the name of someone famous. If you are interested in learning more about your name and how it is spelled, you can also look it up online. In some cases, the information is accessible online but in other cases, you may need to go to your local library or the newspaper office to get the information you want.

Original title 君の名は。
TMDb Rating 8.5 5111 votes

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