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The Flu (2013)

The Flu

Death goes viral. 2013/8/14 122 min.


The Flu is a movie based on the Tim Guest's best selling book of the same name. The story takes place in an airborne city with no air conditioning and a flailing economy. It's a hilarious romp with plenty of great scenes.

Most of the book takes place in Venice, Florida, and Venus, which is a Spanish word for a part of the body that is muscular and long. The main character is Tobias Goodkind, a perpetually under-qualified waiter at a popular Venetian restaurant. His self-esteem is shattered as he falls in love with the titular Ms. Veneeta, a gorgeous dancer.

After being sent to Venus in order to pay for his college tuition, he becomes a cultural ambassador for the city and invents a language that can only be understood by those who speak it. This, combined with his ambition, makes him the perfect candidate for becoming the Italian ambassador. However, when he fails in his mission, he is made to flee Venice and return to Earth, where he begins his quest to find a cure for the Flu.

The Fluid film takes place in Venice, Florida. It's not only hilarious, but also interesting. I really liked the way it used the familiar colors of the Venetian style of architecture. While the city was much different in the book, there are still many similarities that make the film a unique addition to the online movie universe.

The Flu is a great animated movie that I enjoyed watching when I first found it. One of the things that really drew me to the film is the way that it maintained its comedy throughout the entire episode. Each scene was fantastic and each scene was funny.

The movie takes place in an air conditioned Venetian cafe that has shutters between windows. Whenever we see the Venetianstyle architecture in the movie, I immediately think of a Venetian cafe. They are warm and welcoming and a fun environment to hang out in. However, when it comes to an actual Venetian cafe, I have to say that they aren't really the most comfortable locations.

I also really enjoyed how The Flu touched on the short supply of Venice hotels. These five star hotels were taken over by the people who sell Chocolates, which is a big part of the novel. Instead of hotels, the movie gives us a bunch of bar-b-ques. They are surprisingly fun to watch though, especially when you find out what the owner of the Chocolates does with the money.

I loved the way The Flu dealt with water in Venice, Florida. It wasn't just an afterthought, but rather a major aspect of the book. While this doesn't really relate to the actual Fluid, I think it was a fun addition to the series.

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